7-Inch Samsung Galaxy W – Samsung’s Biggest Smartphone

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You must have heard of the saying, “the bigger, the better”. Samsung is all set to follow this theme as it is about to launch the biggest smartphone yet. Samsung Galaxy W is going to be the biggest smartphone with a screen size of 7 inches. It is not a tablet as Samsung has specifically termed it a smartphone.

The Key Features

If you are looking to explore the key features offered by this model, here’s what you can expect from the smartphone.

The Display

This phone comes with a 720p display and has a 1280 x 720 resolution. Given the huge size of the device, the resolution is good enough to give you great clarity and you will not be disappointed with what Galaxy W will offer you. This model does not come with extremely powerful specifications and the chief selling point is the large display.

The Core Technical Details

The processor offered is 1.2 GHz quad-core and though this could have been better, it will serve the need just right. Even the RAM offered by Galaxy W is merely 1.5 GB and this leaves you asking for more. We can find models with as much as 3 GB of RAM and so the core technical specifications seem to be a little dismal and disappointing. Another disappointing thing about the phone is the fact that this model will run on android 4.3 rather than KitKat, which is the latest operating system.

The Camera

The rear camera is 8 megapixels and it will give you a better picture capturing clarity. However, if you compare the performance of the camera with other high-end models by Samsung, like the Galaxy S5, you won’t be impressed by this smartphone.

It also has a front camera, but that only has a 2 MP lens which will not offer extremely impressive output. However, as far as video calls are concerned, you should not face any troubles at all.

This phone leaves a lot to be desired as it seems like Samsung merely concentrated on the size of the device. It is apt for those who crave to use a larger smartphone and are willing to compromise with most of the other features.

The Price

Despite lacking the best specifications, the Galaxy W is not going to be cheap. In Korea, the price will be nearly $490 which is definitely not less. When you are paying so much money, you will be looking for better and smarter features and you can check out other options which may be better.

If you want to enjoy a larger display, you should definitely check out this model. Samsung is hopeful that users will be excited about this smartphone because it will serve the dual need of a smartphone and tablet as well.

With the craze for a larger display being extremely high, Galaxy W seems to be the right choice and you should definitely take a look at its features before ordering it.

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