Tango – What Makes it the All-in-One Social Messaging App

In today’s world, social messaging, voice calling, video chatting, instant messaging and social networking have become everyone’s daily habit.

With the internet penetrating the deepest corners of the world and smartphones and computers becoming accessible to a large number of people, communicating with one’s loved ones is no longer difficult or cost-intensive. In such an environment, the social messaging app Tango promises to provide an all-in-one platform to meet all the communication requirements of internet users.

One Stop for All Communication Solutions

Tango messenger is like a combination of several apps and their respective features. This makes it stand out from others and also appear better than them. Starting with the basics, it is an instant messaging platform that allows the users to send and receive messages instantly over the internet from anywhere in the world. Tango thus brings communication to everyone’s fingertips — no distance is really far if you have Tango in your phone.


Tango allows video calling. Unlike many other apps which support just text messaging, Tango allows people to communicate via video messages and live video streaming. This makes it possible for people to view each other in real time via their web cams or their phone cameras, irrespective of the part of the world in which they are. It is a highly innovative design and the streaming depends on the internet carrier and hence does not cost a penny.

Another feature that the app brings to you is the option of meeting new people from all over the world and socializing with them. This is riveting, especially for the social media savvy generation, who wants to meet with and know new people every day. The app allows random people to talk together and chat with each other, without actually sharing any personal details like phone number, location, etc. This is left to the individuals and they can do it once they are comfortable with each other. Tango successfully connects like-minded people from across the world using one single app.

Audio message or voice message is yet another feature that comes as a part of this app. The users can send voice messages to others, without actually having to type them out. This is very convenient for people, who earlier had to type out long messages or explain things in details. But now, they can actually speak to explain the details, which are recorded and then sent over to the other person waiting at the other end. This convenience helps in saving a lot of time and energy. Tango does not charge its users for availing these features.

Tango’s file transfer system allows users to share files and pictures easily over the internet connection. This is useful when something is to be sent urgently across thousands of miles.

Evidently, Tango has become a runaway hit among the social media savvy crowds because it packs all the nice and new features together to make it feature-perfect. All you now need is two to Tango: add a new friend or an old one to keep Tangoing!

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