Fallout 4 – Features That New Vegas Designer Expects

There couldn’t be a better person to talk about the upcoming Fallout 4 than the lead designer of the last game, Fallout New Vegas.

The developers of the game Bethesda studios witnessed immense success with their Skyrim which is now a haven for mods and people who love new stuff to explore. Now, Bethesda has more weight on their shoulders than ever because of the phenomenal success of the game. The company announced about a year ago that they are moving on to work on their next big title, which most assume to be the next game in the Fallout series. The team hasn’t confirmed it yet in an official manner but assuming that it is what everyone expects, the media had a talk with the lead designer of the game New Vegas. Josh Sawyer is the man who envisioned the excellent title and he had a brief chat with the community through Skype recently.

It is All about Choices

Speaking over Skype, Josh Sawyer said that the game is all about choices and if they are making Fallout 4, the development team should focus strongly on allowing players to choose what they want. It is a role-playing game where every decision matters and players shouldn’t be forced to select between black and white. Decisions as simple as that will spoil the game play experience and it is the consequences of what they pick will drive the storyline forward. In such a scenario, the more pressure one got on a decision, the higher the stakes will be and the addictive level of the title.

He also spoke in-depth about Fallout 1 where there was a situation when a player will be able to save the vault but he will not be able to live in it, which is a bitter sweet victory. Such elements engage the player and will emotionally attach them into the narration. A part of the story telling is somehow about the endings that may not make sense or feels happy like a fairy tale version, but that is fitting to the plot line and justifies the content which has been delivered till the very end.

Free Roaming and Difficulty

Continuing his speech, the lead designer added that there should be more stuff to explore even though it is just a wasteland. Many gamers expressed their interest to be able to roam the desert, explore things on the way and complete levels which are not super difficult. He said that the team was not able to accomplish such things in New Vegas because of their project schedule and the game’s immediate goal three years ago. But, now Bethesda seemingly has more time in hand to work on the development process and can consider making it more open world. The mod community Bethesda is amazing and they are supposed to make sure the trend continues with Fallout 4, added the designer. He said the new game should be entertaining, huge, engaging and most of all mod friendly for the community to expand its life span, beyond what the developers create.

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