The Super-Thin iPhone 6 with an Audio Jack of Only 3.5 mm

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New reports say that the new iPhone 6, which is going to be released on September 19, will be the slimmest iPhone model ever made!

Last week, at the WWDC 2014, Apple announced that the company is planning to bring a device that will allow headphones or accessories to connect directly to the Lightning port.

With other words, they will remove the 3.5mm audio jack from the phone, which means that the new iPhone 6 will probably be the thinnest iPhone model.

In the same report, they said that this decision might come with a lot of critics from the users, as it happened back in 2012 with the iPhone 5.

At that time, the new connection standard made a lot of iOS device accessories unnecessary, but Apple insisted and said that the new Lighting port will make a better mobile device experience.

This will probably happen also with the new Lightining-enabled headphones. Apple Insider listed a few of the benefits that will be brought to the new Apple devices:

More improved audio features

While using the Lightning headphone module, the iPhone users will have a great control of their device through the accessory and there will be many improvements of the digital leapfrog – a greater audio quality and noise cancellation.

Long battery life-time

Some of the lightning headphones will most likely come with their own batteries. This means that the headphones won’t “consume” the power from the device, having their own batteries, but these are just rumors.

Super-Thin iPhone 6

iPhone 6 will most likely come with the new Lightning port hardware design, considering that the new device will be much more thinner than its predecessor – the iPhone 5S.


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