Why Does 2048 Attract the Young and Old Alike?

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There is no particular feature that a game should have, in order to be a crowd puller.

Instead, the feature that differentiates a game is dependent on the game itself, which decides its likeability. Some games have complex interfaces while others with much simpler versions are equally popular. Like the all-time favorite game Tic-Tac-Toe. The game has a very simple interface, easy rules and is very simple to play. But in spite of being so simple, it is one game that attracts many people across generations and keeps competing with other high tech games in the market with much ease and comfort. Its simplicity is perhaps its USP (unique selling point). 2048 owes its popularity to a similar attribute. It is simple and hence, attractive across age groups.

The game 2048 is a major attraction and one of the most downloaded games on the Android store. It has a simple interface, much like the popular Tic-Tac-Toe, but that does not stop it from being a great game in terms of the innovation and creativity involved. The game makers have paid special attention in keeping the interface simple, the rules easy and the plot interesting, in order to make it playable for people of all age groups, from kids to adults. The game is highly adored by the masses because of a number of reasons. Let’s see who likes it and why.


The game is liked by a large number of kids. This is because it has a simple interface and is smooth to play. The numbers are clustered by swiping the blocks from one place to another. So by simply swiping numbers across the screen, they can be doubled. Kids enjoy the way numbers are doubled. The smooth transition allows the game to proceed seamlessly, unlike other games which have complex rules and a system of controls that are often difficult for kids to understand. Kids play 2048 easily and exercise their brain and math in a fun way.


Teens are generally the actual gamers who play a truckload of games and have a terrible addiction for the same. The teens like the game because of the concept involved and the use of brains that it demands. The game proceeds by tactically combining similar powers of two in order to double them and thereby reach the objective of the game, that is, a total of 2048 in any one of the squares. This requires logical thinking and placement of all the lesser powers in order to pave the way for higher numbers, else the grid would get congested and the game would end. This is what compels young people to play the game and remain glued to it.


The game is well suited for adults too as it allows them to think logically and spend their time in a more meaningful manner, even when they are trying to kill time or steal a game time within a busy work day. The simple interface and the rules facilitate ease of understanding and smooth play, thereby making 2048 a favorite among this age group also.

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