Xbox One Titanfall Game Review – Dramatic and Thrilling Gameplay

Microsoft has an absolutely killer application with the Titanfall for its Xbox One.

Titanfall is a campaign that is conducted online, combining different experiences into one solid package. The game was officially launched for PC as well as the Xbox One on March 11th, 2014. Many developers, previously belonging to the Call of Duty team, such as Vince Zampella, have developed this game.

You can actually call it an amazing blend of Halo with Call of Duty, Tribes and MechAssaualt. The game is all about movement in a battlefield.  There is a lot of jumping around in the game In addition, there are the Titans, which are huge metal machines. You can earn them by waiting for the timer to build them completely or else, you can kill soldiers or complete the objectives to earn these massive Titans. It is really thrilling to see the Titans battling it out in the field.

Three Gameplay Characters

You can play around with three different types of Titans in the game.  The first type is the Strider, whose character is like a guerilla who uses ambushes, the second type is the Ogre who is full of health and the third type is the Atlas, who is a combination of both of these. The beginner can only access the Atlas and customize the character, but when you finish the two campaigns, you can unlock the other two characters.

Core Gameplay: the Shooting

You certainly cannot rest in this game as it is a gun gameplay. You can unlock sniper rifles or the shotgun and use these weapons. When you are a pilot, you can access many weapons to be used against the Titans and therefore, you don’t need to fear when you see one striding toward you.

Recommended for Everyone

Almost anyone can get into this gameplay. Of course, the game has a learning curve just like any other game. When you are just starting out on your first level, you might view the higher levels at 20 and 30 to be very challenging and insurmountable. Yet, you get an exhilarating emotion when you stomp around like a Titan. All players get a Titan even though you have done badly in a round. Therefore, everyone can have fun in this game. At the same time, Titanfall for Xbox One is not very easy or casual. Respawn Entertainment has struck the right balance in Titanfall.

Titanfall for the Xbox One is one of the must-have games for gamers. The campaign and customization features are quite limited, but the other features make up for this. It really warrants the purchase of the new console from Microsoft, the Xbox One. Respawn Entertainment brings the game to you and it has certainly changed the future of multiplayer shooter games. The game play is quite fast and explosive and can truly be said to be the next generation gaming experience. It is also different from the Call of Duty, in that it goes only in the multiplayer mode. The game has received raving reviews from critics everywhere.

Excellent Graphics on Xbox One

The game has excellent graphics on the PC as well as the Xbox One. The resolution on the Xbox One is 1408 x 792 whereas that on the PC is 1080p. The Xbox One version of Titanfall is rendered at around 1.79 times to that of the Xbox 360, whereas the rendering on the PC is 1.86 times to that of the Xbox One. Therefore, the rendering on the Xbox One is midway between the Xbox 360 and the PC for Titanfall.

Titanfall has advanced its techniques for combat. It offers gamers the freedom to fight as an assault Pilot or as a Titan, who is heavily armored. The multiplayer action is fast-paced and offers charged moments of dramatic proportions.

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