Samsung Galaxy S5 vs LG G2 – Which Is The Better Choice?

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In the field of smartphones, one can find different models that bear somewhat similar features.

Here, we will compare the performance of LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy S5 as both of them have somewhat overlapping features. We will take a close look at the core specifications and other details to analyze which among them seems to have an upper hand.

Core Technical Specifications

When you buy a smartphone, the type of processor that you get is extremely important. It is only with a smart and fast processor that you will be able to run multiple apps concurrently. Such a phone will not have any lag time either.

Samsung Galaxy S5 seems to have an upper hand in this field as it runs on Snapdragon 801, while LG G2 runs on Snapdragon 800. However, both the models run on 2 GB RAM which is dismal as users were expecting slightly better configuration.

The Design and Build

The design and appearance of a phone definitely holds tremendous value and significance because we are all bothered about how the phone looks on the outside. Both these phones have a plastic casing, though the rear of galaxy S5 has a rubbery matte look, which offers an extremely nice grip. Further, Galaxy S5 also comes with IP67 waterproof and dust certification. Those who handle their phone roughly or who are prone to bouts of clumsiness can definitely opt for Galaxy S5.

However, as far as looks and design are concerned, LG G2 is a smart choice. The overall designing and engineering principles used by the phone are extremely smart and it is applauded for its cutting edge design. The front part of the phone is brilliant and on its face value, this phone scores higher than Galaxy S5. Both these models have a 1080p screen. Galaxy S5 offers super AMOLED screen and LG G2 has an IPS + LCD display. While both models have stunning display, it is LG G2 that has managed to once again gain an upper hand with a larger screen and slightly crisper display.

The slim bezels of this model give it an appearance that has garnered rave reviews from users and LG definitely succeeded in beating Samsung by a far shot in this field.

Camera Specifications

Both these models are known for their smart camera specifications. LG G2 has 13 megapixels camera while Galaxy S5 has 16 megapixels. However, Samsung asserts that Galaxy S5 has the fastest autofocus at 0.3 seconds.

However, G2 offers optical image stabilization feature which helps in clicking some of the finest shots. It clicks two different shots at varying focal lengths and then turns them into one. While S5 has an HDR mode that you can use for taking amazing pictures but it is LG G2 that seems to be the better option among the two.

Keeping all these points in mind, one can easily conclude that LG G2 has an upper hand. You can explore all the details and main features and then settle for the choice you deem to be the best.

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