Clash of Clans – Best Farming Strategies Of Your Town Hall Level

In Clash of Clans is essential to have an effective farming strategy in order to upgrade your village’s buildings with ease.

Today we’re going to reveal you a number of farming strategies, depending on the Town Hall level you currently have. Keep in mind that in Clash of Clans you are able to steal all the resources from a player that has the same Town Hall level as yours or higher.

Farming guides:

1. Town Hall 1-2

When you finish the tutorial, you will already have the Town Hall at level 2. However, you will want to farm a bit until you upgrade your Town Hall. Train 20 barbarians and look for a village which has the resources exposed. You will probably fill your gold and elixir storages after 1-2 attacks. Do not care about the newbie shield, because you won’t be attacked by anyone.

2. Town Hall Level 3

When you have your Town Hall at level 3 you will want to have a max. of 600 Trophies in order to be effective at farming. You will want to have your Army Camp at the level 3, which will let you hold up to 70 troops in it. 70 Barbarians means 1750 elixir, so keep that number in mind when you are raiding. If the person you attack has less than 1750 elixir and in order to win the raid you will have to deploy all your troops, just find another target that has more resources.

Since you will attack the players who have the same Town Hall level, they will most likely have 1 mortar inside their base, so try to avoid as much as you can the splash damage from it.

3. Town Hall Level 4

When you get your Town Hall to level 4, you will want to have a max. of 800 Trophies. Upgrade your army camp again, in order to be able to hold up to 80 barbarians. You will want to look for villages that will get you around 35.000 gold and 35.000 elixir in one raid. Do not care about other troops such as Archers or Giants, because they will be useless, for now. However, you will want to have around 1-2 wall breakers.

4. Town Hall Level 5

When your Town Hall reaches level 5, you will want to stay at a range of 500-1000 Trophies. Now, you will be able to build the third Army Camp and upgrade it to level 5, which will let you keep 45 supplies. In total, you will have 3 army camps at level 5, which will let you keep 135 supplies. Upgrade your barbarians to level 3 because this will increase their strength significantly. Now, your enemies will have Wizard Tower, another building that is a pain for Barbarians. Spread your barbarians in a way that they will not all be hit by the splash damage. If you place 10 barbarians well, they will be able to take down the Wizard Tower without any problem.

Look for villages that have at least 50.000 Gold or 50.000 Elixir.

5. Town Hall Level 6

When you upgrade your Town Hall to level 6, you will want to stay at 600-1100 range of Trophies. Mass Barbarians will still work even at this Town Hall level, so you will want to look for villages that are not well protected and destroy them with your Barbarians. Before you go raiding, always queue Barbarians, in order to save some time of training.

You will also be able to make level 2 Spell Factory which will unlock the healing spell for you. This spell will allow your Barbarians to stay alive longer and take down that nasty Wizard Tower. However, before you use it, keep in mind that it costs 15.000 elixir.

6. Town Hall Level 7

When your Town Hall reaches the seventh level, you will want to have the range of Trophies at 800-1200. The main priority when you reach this Town Hall level is to upgrade your Laboratory in order to get Barbarians, Archers and Wall breakers to level 4.

You can use up to 200 Barbarians now, which will instantly destroy buildings. However, after you unlock the fourth level Barbarians, Archers and Wall Breakers, you will have to change the strategy. We suggest you to use around 100 Barbarians, 90 Archers and the 8 Wall Breakers.

7. Town Hall Level 8

Recommended Trophy Range: 1100-1450

When you upgrade your Town Hall to level 8, you will want to raid at Trophies range of 1100-1450. You will start using Barbarians, Archers and Wall breakers composition, but we recommend you to upgrade your Archers, Giants, Wall Breakers and Goblins to level 5.

After you research all the troops that we mentioned above, to level 5, you will use this farming composition: Giants, Goblins, Wall Breakers and Archers. Using this composition you will want to have around 10 Giants, 70 Goblins, 10 Wall breakers and 60 Archers.

Send Goblins before deploying your Giants in order to trigger traps. When the Giants will distract the main towers, you will want to deploy your Archers behind them. Now it’s time to deploy the wall breakers so they can destroy the walls that are “protecting” the storages. After that, you can send your Goblins to steal all the resources.

8. Town Hall Level 9

While having Town Hall at level 9, you will want to have the range of Trophies around 1300-1800. The strategy will be similar to the one you used in Town Hall level 8, with Archers, Giants, Wall Breakers and Goblins. The only difference is that now your army will be bigger. You will want to save heroes and spells for villages that are difficult to destroy. You will be able now to upgrade your Barbarian King to level 30.

9. Town Hall Level 10

Farming at this stage will become harder because you will have a range of 1800-2200 Trophies. You will want to level up all your troops to level 6.

Instead of getting all your troops dead while attacking good protected villages, you’d better use the “next” button until you find some weak villages from where you can steal their resources with ease. You may go for villages that are not protecting their Town Halls, just to destroy it, without caring about resources. This way, you will be able to keep your Trophies at the right range.

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