What’s the Use of Google Chrome Remote Desktop in Offices

Google Chrome, the most popular browser around the world, has yet another feature that makes it the most commonly used browser today, especially in offices and workplaces.

This feature is called the Chrome Remote Desktop. With the Remote Desktop feature, Google Chrome allows any two or more computers to be connected together and be accessed from a single computer remotely. The prerequisite for this connection to be made is the Google Chrome browser and the basic software which needs to be installed on both the connected computers. The rest of the controlling can be done remotely.

The Chrome Remote Desktop finds use in a plethora of areas and is quite effective because Google Chrome itself is a very fast browser and hence the controlling operations are fast and efficient, without any lags. For this, the Chrome Remote Desktop finds the largest application in offices, workplaces, industrial units, controlling areas and other areas where extensive work is done on the computers and in groups. Google Chrome Remote Desktop is a popular practice in offices across the world today.

Keep a Tab and Supervise Juniors

Every big office or workplace has several levels of hierarchy, with many levels of management personnel supervising their juniors and getting work done through them. In such offices, interns who do projects and assist on internal works, are also common; they may not be not having full knowledge of the software but trying to learn them. The Google Chrome Remote Desktop is a great boon in such situations because it allows the supervisors and the team leaders to keep a tab on the work of the juniors and interns, monitoring their work and checking that from time to time; and all this without even getting up from their individual seats in their cabins. All the computers are connected to the same network via the Chrome Remote desktop software and the supervisor is able to control and view all other juniors’ computers through his master computer. Thus, the work of the manager or the team leader becomes fascinatingly simple and less laborious as he or she does not have to physically walk up to each and every junior or intern and check progress of their work. This has made Google Chrome Remote Desktop immensely popular among work groups across the globe.

Removes Compatibility Issues

An office may have several computers, each having a different version of operating system. When a project or a presentation has to be made, the employees create it on their own machines in the best possible way. Now, when this needs to be shown to their superiors or presented to clients on another machine which has a lower or higher version of the operating system running on it, the presentation becomes incompatible or loses some essential features which were available on the OS of the originating PC. This is where the Google Chrome Remote Desktop comes in handy. The software allows the supervisor to directly see the project or the presentation from his/her system, being connected to the juniors’ PCs where the presentation was created. That way, the problem of compatibility and loss of features are taken care of.

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