Galaxy S4 Active Vs Optimus G Pro – Specs, Features & Price

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and the LG Optimus G Pro were two of the biggest releases of 2013. In terms of sales, Samsung smartphones seem to dominate the world, whereas LG has not seen such success with a single device. Both the devices are great and are on par with each other in various aspects.

Display, Design Features

The Galaxy S4 Active comes with a screen size of 5 inches, with the TFT capacitive technology touchscreen. It offers a resolution of 1080 x 1920p. On the other hand, the LG Optimus G Pro comes with a screen size of 5.5 inches, using the LCD True Full HD IPS Plus capacitive touchscreen technology and the same resolution.

The dimensions of the S4 Active are 139.7 x 71.3 x 9.1 mm, whereas the G Pro has dimensions of 150.2 x 76.1 x 9.4 mm. The S4 Active weighs 153g, whereas the G Pro is heavier at 172g.

Hardware and Software Specs

The S4 Active uses a quad-core Krait 300 and a Qualcomm APQ 8064T, Snapdragon 600 chip, clocking at 1.9 GHz. The device comes with an internal memory of 16GB and this can be expanded to a maximum of 64GB, using a microSD card. The G Pro is also powered by the same processor, but clocks slightly lower at 1.7 GHz. The device comes in two variants of 16GB and 32GB and this can be upgraded to 64GB, with the use of a microSD card.

As for the software specs of the devices, both the smartphones run using the Android platform, with the Jelly Bean OS and come with 2GB of RAM.

Camera and Battery

The S4 Active has a primary camera of 8 MP resolution. It also has features of autofocus and an LED flash. The smartphone also has a front camera of 2 MP resolution. The LG Optimus G Pro comes with a front camera of 13 MP, with autofocus and LED flash. It also has a front camera of 2.1 MP resolution. With regard to the battery of the devices, the S4 Active has a Li Ion battery of 2600 mAh capacity offering a talk time of nearly 17 hours. The G Pro also has a Li Ion battery with a higher capacity of 3140 mAh, offering a talk time of nearly 21 hours.

LG G Pro Benefits

The LG G Pro comes with the benefits of a bigger screen, which is 10% bigger than the S4 Active at 5.5 inches. It also has a better camera resolution of 13 MP compared to the 8 MP primary camera of the S4 Active. The front camera of the LG G Pro is also better at 2.1 MP compared to the 2 MP resolution of the S4 Active. The LG Optimus G Pro offers a better standby time of 598 hours compared to the 312 hours of the S4 Active. It also has a higher internal memory of 32GB. The LG G Pro comes with a radio and FM features, which is lacking in the S4 Active.

S4 Advantages

On the other hand, the S4 Active also has some features that are better compared to those of the LG G Pro. For instance, the S4 Active is lighter at 153g compared to the 172g of the LG G Pro. The processor speed of the S4 Active is also slightly higher at 1.9 GHz compared to 1.7 GHz of the G Pro. The S4 Active also has a higher pixel density of 440ppi.

As for the prices, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active can be bought for around $700, whereas the LG G Pro costs less, at around $550.

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