Free Antivirus – Shielding You from Threats

Antivirus software offers an important aspect of protection from Trojans, viruses, spyware, worms and almost all types of malware.

It is important to have a good antivirus product to protect your device and add layers of security. There are many free antivirus products available for doing this.




This is an excellent option for advanced users as it will sometimes require some input from the user. The Comodo Internet Security is a complete free solution that also offers a firewall along with other components. It can offer a hundred percent protection against threats. It makes use of the cloud for facilitating the detecting of any malware in the system. It also includes what is known as a Behavioral Blocker. This will automatically result in sandboxing all the software that it is not sure of. Unknown apps will be checked out and the user will be alerted immediately. However, it comes with some small advertisements. It comes with a browser and also offers a paid service. In case of paid service, you can access technicians for solving any problems.




This is a free antivirus product and has an excellent rate of protection. The features include scanning of booting time, protecting shields, behavioral blocker, a plug-in for rating internet sites, protection of scripts against malware and so on. It also allows the user to access cloud-based security. It can successfully prevent browser exploits as well. Another advantage of using Avast is that it does not take up too much of your system resources. You will have to go through a registration process for the application to function after a month. The default installation also brings in the Chrome browser if you don’t uncheck it.


Panda Cloud


This is an excellent antivirus product for the common user, as Comodo and Avast might be a little confusing. The interface is very simple and the features are completely automated. The product offers cloud-based security and it has been proven to offer good protection. The features include a behavioral blocker as well as web protection to enhance security to your system.


AVG Free Version


This is also an excellent choice for the common user and does a good job of offering protection for your system. The product comes with advertisements, but the good news is that these can be disabled. The AVG application offers an easy-to-use means of detecting virus and malware. It comes with a real-time scanner to shield the user from threats. The real-time security scanner keeps the user protected from games and apps that are downloaded.


Avira AntiVirus


The Personal Edition is a free product that enjoys a good reputation for offering protection to your system. The detection rates for malware are quite high and many users have recommended it as being very effective. The product also offers cloud-based security to the system. It offers cloud-based scanning offering unparalleled security and enabling fast performance. Files are checked in real time and identified as being safe or infected. Add-ons include an Avira Browser, Online Essentials and Avira Answers to fix issues.


Bitdefender Free Edition


This is another free antivirus product with a very effective protection. The user interface is very simple and minimal. Novice users might find it very easy to use but advanced users might not find it too attractive as it does not offer any options for customization. The Bitdefender Free Edition is a good antivirus product, is easy to install and is also maintenance free. It does not require any special configuration and does not slow down the system. It offers a real-time shield for protecting the system from infected files so that they don’t have the opportunity of spreading inside the entire system.



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