What Makes WhatsApp the Best Messenger For Your Phone?

WhatsApp, the recent acquisition by the technology giant Facebook, has given the social media messengers a run for their money.

It has become the most downloaded smartphone messenger on all platforms, beating the likes of Blackberry Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Line, Skype and a plethora of other instant messaging apps. It has dominated the list of top downloaded apps for most of the period since its launch and is likely to reign the market for a good part of the future.

A host of factors coalesce together to make WhatsApp the most loved messenger. Its interface, its early entry into this segment, no advertisements to disturb and a host of other features make WhatsApp simple to use and an easy way to remain in contact with other people. The top three factors which justify the app being the most downloaded one have been described below.

Early entry and innovation

WhatsApp, when it entered the segment of instant messaging via messages, was a new player but it did have a long term vision. It changed the way messages were sent previously via text. Now people could stay in touch easily and send messages to any part of the world without any extra costs or delay. Just a functional internet network is required for the same. Though certain companies were already in this race, their products either weren’t well established or they did not innovate much to impress the mass. WhatsApp, on the other hand, kept the interface simple and introduced features like file sharing and picture sharing via messages, which attracted a lot of people who wanted to stay in touch on the go. This made it a company that was miles ahead of others in its vision and innovation and people instantly got attached to their product.

No advertisement policy

WhatsApp, right from its inception, has maintained a no advertisement policy, under which it does not allow any advertisements while using the messenger. This is peculiar for a company that does not charge for its services, at least for the initial year, and is hugely popular. Other apps have hosts of advertisements on the top and bottom of the screen, which often irritate the users as they redirect them to a new page if they click on the ads inadvertently. This policy of WhatsApp has successfully helped it in attracting and retaining a host of users as it has a clean platform which does not support any advertising, even with the mobile platform on which it is based. Zero ads mean zero distraction and forced attention of the users and higher popularity over other apps.

A great user interface

A simple interface, with simple features, is often a great interface as it is easy to understand and operate for the people. This is what WhatsApp believes in and tries to manifest through its messenger. The user interface design is remarkably trouble-free and all the options fall in place on the screen and at different points. This makes WhatsApp a truly global and easy-to-use messenger.

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