Clash of Clans – Top Tricks and Tips to Run to The Top

Clash of Clans is a free mobile game, where players need to use the best strategies for raiding other villages, housing dragons and wizards. Here are some of the top tips and tricks to beat the game.

Knowing the Resources

When you take part in multiplayer battles, it would be better to know the resources that you would raid. You can raid the entire amount of whatever resources are stored in the Town Hall and 3/4th of the resources in the Dark Elixir Drills. You can loot about half of the stored resources in the gold and elixir collectors and just about 5 % of the resources in the Dark Elixir storage. If your Town Hall level is higher than the opponent’s level, the available loot gets reduced. On the contrary, if the opponent’s Town Hall is higher than your level, the loot amount will be increased.

Defending Your Base

Players can access wooden walls for defense. You can get these at a fairly low level in the game. This means that the walls are not worth a lot if high level attackers come charging at your base.  Try upgrading the wooden walls to third or even fifth level, as they can offer a good defense. Buy as much of them as possible and place them around the base obstructing the entry. This will make the attackers keep attempting to break down the walls, so you need to keep all lanes closed.

Trophy Farming Tips

The easiest way to farm in the game is by keeping your trophies low, such as below 200 and farming with goblins. In Clash of Clans, the matchmaking system works by assessing the number of trophies you have in order to find a suitable enemy. If you are at a low level, your trophy number will also be low and you will get easy to raid opponents. But the downside of this strategy is that you will get a less amount of loot; you can counteract this by using less number of troops. Using goblins is a good option, as they are the cheapest. You can use about 20 to 40 goblins for raiding 30k elixir and gold from villages that are not too well protected. Just train the goblins, keep the trophies low and start your battles.

Holding on to Trophies

If you are feeling ready to make peace even before a tough raid, just go and end the battle. You can continue to hold on to your trophies if you don’t use any troops or if you don’t use any spells. You should also ensure that the option for Surrender is not visible.

Getting Free Elixir

If you have a full army and are conducting a troop upgrade, you can use this cheat. However, there must be less than thirty seconds of time. At that time, you can cue the troops being upgraded. Make sure that the army is full. Once the upgrade is done, you can untrain your troops and you will receive the free Elixir. This elixir can be saved when you are offline. Ensure that the camps are filled. Next, fill up the barracks with the bombers and get offline with about 100,000 elixir and not 300,000. Get online again and upload the barracks immediately. You will get all the elixir back.

Using the Lightning Spell

Lightning spells can be used for destroying some defenses. 2 Lightning spells can be very effective while attempting to destroy a Mortar, if you are attacking using tier one units. You can also take out an Air Defense with Lightning Spells, if the level is high enough.

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