Minecraft Xbox 360 – With Easy Multiplayer Options

Exploring Worlds

The Xbox 360 is a great platform that is very well suited for Mojang’s Minecraft, a first person, sandbox building game. Even gamers who are totally new to this game will find themselves swept away by the various opportunities available for creativity in the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft. However, some might find it disappointing after playing the game on the PC. Yet, the Xbox 360 version has been well reproduced enabling exploring, building and adventure in the block worlds that are randomly generated.

The essence of the game has been left untouched in the Xbox 360 version. Players get spawned in the three-dimensional game and immediately start harvesting wood and digging into the mine for resources. They have to battle with creepers and create handy tools, build a fortress, all based on their personal choices. Players are given plenty of options, combining slow exploration with fun game styles.

Help and Support

There are also tutorial menus that are built in the Xbox version of Minecraft. They pop up and explain the basic mechanics of the game to the player in the early stages. You don’t need to consult Wikipedia for getting to know the basic elements of the game. Players can get a feel for the game pretty easily. At the same time, the finer elements of the game are kept well hidden, so that players can find them as they travel through the game.

Change in Controls

The Xbox version of Minecraft involves giving up the mouse and the keyboard used in the PC version. Instead, one has to use the Xbox 360’s controller, but it is a smooth transition. Sprinting is not possible, so you may have to go rather slowly while plodding through long distances. However, navigating the world and taking care of the various tasks is really smooth. The crafting system has been redesigned. This helps in streamlining the process of creating items and also helps manage the inventory better. You no longer have to drop the resources separately in the different formulas present on the crafting grid. All the player has to do is to see the crafting menu and choose the item he wants to create. When the player clicks on the craft button, all the materials that he will need are available from the inventory and he can create the item. If any of the items that are necessary are lacking, they are shown in red. This helps the player to track them down more easily. Item recipes need not be memorized and the system makes forging the gear much easier.

Playing with Friends

Minecraft is a great game when you play it solo, but if you have many friends along with you, it makes it that much more fun. However, setting up a co-operative game on the desktop takes a lot of patience, downloads and configuring of the server and so on. On the other hand, multiplayer is much easier on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. Xbox Live easily offers the functionalities and easy access for multiplayer modes. Co-op is seamless and players can invite their friends and ask them to join their worlds or even leave the worlds open, so that others can join in while they are playing. There is no need for tedious setting up processes. Minecraft Xbox 360 also advances one step ahead with the split screen that enables playing with four players. All you need is a big screen, a comfortable couch, some good snacks, and you are all set for a great gaming session with friends.


The negative aspect of Minecraft Xbox 360 is that you don’t have all the content that is available in the PC version. Some of the variety in the environments is limited and some resources are not available. Maps are also no longer infinite, but the core foundation of the game is still fun.

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