Temple Run 2 vs Temple Run Oz – Promoting Disney Movie

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Temple Run Oz is one of the newly released games from Imangi and Disney.

It is much better than the Temple Run Brave and is selling well. Temple Run 2 is also a very popular free Android game released by Imangi. However, Temple Run Oz will not be able to break the record of Temple Run 2, as the former is a game that costs $0.99. Most players prefer a free game.

Temple Run Oz – Enhanced Graphics

Both the games are not listed as being created by the same publisher. The Temple Run 2 is listed as coming from Imangi Studios, whereas the Temple Run Oz comes from Disney. However, the developers who developed the original Temple Run game offer both the games. The Temple Run Oz was released by Disney in order to promote the movie ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’. The Oz version of the game has some additional improvements, as it was released later. The graphics in the Oz version are surely better. The gameplay and the mechanics are also enhanced. Both the Android versions and the iOS versions of the Temple Run Oz were released in 2013, in March.

The Difference

Temple Run Oz has almost all the features of the Temple Run 2. However, there is a change in the setting as well as the overall packaging of the game. The Oz version of the game is aimed at promoting the Disney movie, so the theme has been revised. The settings of the Oz edition will display all the important features of the Disney movie ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’. The movie has been the source for the visual design of the game. A hot air balloon is also used in a part of the game.

Movie Characters

There are some characters from the movie that are present in the Oz edition as well. The default character present in the Temple Run Oz is called Oz. He is also the lead character of the movie. The Oz character keeps running along the Yellow Brick Road. He has to face tough obstacles while at the same time collect gems and coins. The Temple Run 2 has monkeys troubling the protagonist, whereas the Oz edition uses flying baboons. The game can be played with only two characters, Oz as well as the China Girl. However, players can make changes to the environment or the world of the game. For instance, they can change the Whimsical Woods environment and opt for the Dark Forest one.

Challenging Obstacles

The Oz edition also has more challenging obstacles. The pace of the game is faster in Temple Run 2, but the obstacles are placed in such a way that it is quite challenging to play the Oz edition. The traps seem to appear suddenly.

Another difference between the two games is that the Oz edition is available for playing on the Windows 8 phone for $0.99. On the other hand, Temple Run 2 has not yet been developed for the same. The Temple Run 2 is completely free to play, though players might sometimes need to make some purchases within the game. This is only optional and you can purchase these items when you find the game difficult to handle.


The Temple Run Oz is a product of fusion. It fuses the best of Temple Run 2 and the movie Oz the Great and Powerful. As such, it is bound to be better, as it has the benefit of providing a fresh look and has many enhancements. The formula of the game is also new, whereas Temple Run 2 goes along the same formula of the older version, Temple Run. In short, both the games are enjoyable and refreshing.

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