10 Facts about GTA 5 that Would Blow Your Mind

GTA V – San Andreas is one of the most mind blowing games designed by Rockstar North.

The Grand Theft Auto Series has been a favorite among gamers of all ages. Ever since the game was released in 1997, it has won many accolades and drawn sharp criticism as well. In either case, the game play mechanics are yet to be replicated by any other publisher, making the series a completely unique one. The GTA 5 builds on everything that was already good in the game and introduces a lot of oomph too and detailing. Here are some things that we love about this game and we are sure you would too.

1. If you fail in a mission, you can repeat it and doing so will give you a pre-mission briefing dialogue. Every time you choose to repeat your mission, you will be able to get a different version of the dialogue.
2. If you hail a taxi and hop into it before someone else who was already waiting for one, they will not only get mad at you, but either shout abuses or even pick a fight with you. This is a completely new addition and something that would surely delight you.
3. If you have left a gas trail behind your car, you can ignite it by back firing the car. This makes for a very pretty sight.
4. In GTA 5, you may randomly walk into a business or a store, while another NPC may be in the process of robbing it.
5. While visiting his psychiatrists, Michael will discuss a lot of events, including running over pedestrians, being violent or sleeping with prostitutes. Expect a lot of confessions during each session.
6. You can sometimes see topless women partying at the Vinewood mansions. If you want, you can use your phone to snap pictures of them. If they catch you doing so, not only will they call you a creep but will also ask their boyfriends to pick a fight with you.
7. If you wade into the water with your clothes on, only the part of clothing that was immersed in water will be wet, the rest of it will remain dry. If you have been running or exercising for a long period of time, sweat will begin to seep through your clothes and they will get wet.
8. If you have pimped up your car, and spent a lot of money on customization, you can expect random NPCs to stop by to compliment you on it. Once in a while, they would just click pictures of it.
9. Street performers are incredibly detailed too. Try to snap a picture of one of them while performing without tipping them, and they will get angry at you. If the street performers get a phone call while they are performing, they will answer it and break their character to talk.
10. Braking suddenly in your car will lurch your character forward. If you have any passengers with you in the car, they will lurch forward as well, establishing the momentum of the vehicle.

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