Sony A77 Mark II – Surreal 79 Point Autofocus System

Sony is known for launching some of the best cameras in the market. Sony is about to launch Sony A77 II and there are going to be comparisons with Sony A77. Here, we will compare both these models to ascertain which one among them seems to be the better choice for you.

The Key Specifications of Sony A77 II

Before we start comparing the features of the two models, we will first take a look at the key specifications of this new model. The photographers are eager and excited to get their hands on this model which is likely to hit the market in the month of June.

The Technical Details

  • The camera comes with 24-MP CMOS sensor. The offset micro lens is gapless.
  • It also has a 2.4 million OLED view finder
  • There are 15 cross type AF points which end up covering 40 percent of the frame
  • The maximum shutter speed is 1/8000
  • The ISO is ranging from 100 to 25,600
  • If you are not very well versed in customizing the ISO, this model comes with the option of auto customization
  • Even the AF has the provision of micro adjustment as well
  • You can opt for continuous shooting of 12 frames per second and you have the auto focus feature integrated into it as well
  • It can shoot 1080p 60 movies along with auto focus feature too

One can check out from these specifications that this model has been very smartly designed. One can easily trace the fact that a great deal of features offered by Sony A77 II are similar to what Sony A77 has to offer.

This is why we will now run a comparative check to analyze if the two models are comparable and which between them seems to be a better choice.

The Comparison of Sony A77 II and Sony A77

While there are lots of similar features between the two models, there is definitely quite a great deal of difference as well. We will first talk about the points of dissimilarities between the two models.

The Rear LCD Display

The Sony A77 II comes with 1.23 million dots RGBW LCD. On the other hand, the rear LCD for Sony A77 has only 920k dots and that too RGB. This in itself is a proof of the kind of improvement that Sony A77 II will bring to the table. The extra screen clarity will make for much better and enhanced picture viewing abilities.

The AF Sensor

When we are going through the details of a camera, one of the key points that have to be checked will be the sensor. As far as the sensor is concerned, Sony A77 II will show some of the finest improvements that one can hope for. Sony A77 II comes with 79 points 15 cross type AF sensor, but on the other hand, the Sony A77 has poorer configuration as it comes with 19 points 11 cross type sensor. This will lead to a great difference in clarity of images. If you are a die-hard photographer, you are sure to appreciate this improvement.

Other Features

Sony A77 II comes with the Wi-Fi feature which was absent in the predecessor model. However, one disappointment is that the GPS has gone missing in the new model.

Apart from this, most of the other features are nearly the same. Thus, one can check out the price and determine which model to pick. The above points are the main areas where both the models will differ. Based upon the launch price and the budget that one has, you can decide which model to buy.

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