Adobe Flash Player 14 Beta Brings Comfortable Viewing from All Angles

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Since its release a few days ago, Adobe Flash Player 14 Beta has been the centripetal force of all accolades for the rich visual experience that it guarantees now.

The new version brings forth endless enhancements for the users to whom their motion-picture quality really matters. It is code named Lombard. The download options have also been enhanced with respect to the user’s specifications as preferred. The company has brought forth its downloading options for updates to be switched to an auto mode, for all users who previously had subscribed to the Flash Player updates. They can access the same quoted in the terms and agreements as provided on the official website.

New Features of Lombard

Anisotropic filtering: This new feature of the Adobe Flash Player 14 immensely enhances the graphic detailing and quality of the surface textures even when viewed from tilted and crooked angles. This feature will provide umpteen provisions to the developers in the stance to create 3D context from the 3D Standard Profile.

HTTP Issues: The regular viewing of videos on YouTube, 9gag and such websites has been bettered with the pending addresses regarding the HTTP streaming, its stability and security concerns. This keeps the video processing and buffering off limits, to all lines of hackers and potential viruses that can harm the user’s system. This also ensures that the glitch-free new version, that has resolved the earlier incapability of itself, switches from an audio-only-format to an audio-video format. The beta version is also equipped to support a larger area of scripts, although the access remains the same Action Script method as earlier. The packaging engine has bettered with the new update, for iOS users.

Since this version is a beta version and is still providing a mesmerizing experience, users can report promptly to the official website online to avail the final version bereft of any bugs or error codes . The device compatibility has been extensively researched and uplifted, with the exclusive compatibility options provided for each platform separately. The new version now demands a must-have for all users wishing to download it, to check the following mandatory requirements:

• For Macintosh Operating Systems, the basis system requirement is 256MB RAM and 512 MB Graphics memory. In addition, it should have Intel Core Duo alongside 1.83 GHz or higher options. The system Operating System should be Mac OS X of versions 10.9, 10.8 or 10.9. The browser required is Safari 5.0 or above; Google Chrome; Firefox 17.0 or above and Opera 11.

• For windows Operating System, System memory should be 512 MB RAM. The Operating System should necessarily be Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 with 64 bit. The browser requirements are IE 8 or above, Firefox 17 or above, Opera 11 and Chrome.

• For Windows enabled Notebooks, the system memory should be 1024 MB RAM. In addition, a Windows Operating System with an equivalent or higher of 2.36 GHz x86 processor or an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz compatible processor is a necessity.

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