Go Pro Hero 4 – World’s Most Versatile Camera – Shooting 4k Film

GoPro has become the camera of choice when it comes to shooting videos for leisure or extreme sports videos and photos.

This camera can be found in the most unexpected places – it can be used under water, air and on the earth.

If you do not understand what the fuss is all about, the GoPro Hero is a rugged, compact and lightweight camera that weighs less than one hundred grams. It is an action camera that can be used for anything. This camera can be used for shooting hours of video to mark your achievements or exciting experiences in 4K quality emotions.

Expected Shooting Abilities

According to rumor, the GoPro can record 4K resolution videos at 30 frames/sec speed. It can also shoot 1080p videos at 120 frames per second and even 720p videos at 240 frames per second. This is made possible by the use of the SoC A9 Ambrella chip, which is simply an A9 dual ARM core CortexTM-A9, 1GHz processor that comes with an FPU accelerator. This allows you to use advanced application, wireless connecting and it also allows you to stream videos on social media.

Expected Advanced Imaging Abilities

It is also speculated that the GoPro Hero 4 camera will come loaded with a 13MP photo-sensor and a lean for shoots in the dark or low lighting. Additional features that make imaging a breeze with this new camera include the use of electronic image stabilizer. It allows shake free video, improved MCFT that offers advanced sharpening, multi-exposure HDR that comes with tone mapping and a dual sensor 12-lane SLVDS/ subLVDS/HiSPiTM interface. If you mount this camera in an angle that does not allow you to view the display, you can see a live view of what the camera is recording with the remote viewfinder playback feature. There are speculations that the camera might have two lenses that are side-by-side to enable for 3D filming.

The Camera’s Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, there is little or no change expected from its predecessor Hero 3. The camera is expected to come with an HDMI port, a USB port as well as a Wi-Fi module (on-board) to allow for easy sharing of videos and pictures on social media. All this is also capable with the Hero 3.

The Release Dates and Pricing

GoPro Hero 4 was expected to be released in June 2014; but this was not the case. This camera is yet to be released. However, once it is available in the market, it will be expected to retail at around $340 which is close to the range at which its predecessor, the Hero 3 retail, at $400 for the black editions and $300 for the silver edition.

There is also a lot of speculation regarding the naming of this yet to be released version. There is a possibility that this version will not be named Hero 4 and instead, the GoPro Company may go with another name. However, this is just speculation; so you will have to wait and see.


If the features in all the other GoPro series and the speculations on the specs of the new version are anything to go by, then the Hero 4 can be termed as one of the best cameras of its time. If all the speculated features are to come with this camera, it may be a good value for your money, more so if it retails for almost the same value as its predecessor.

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