2048 – Brain Training from a 19-Year Old Italian

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2048 is a brain training game that makes its users win over the levels, by employing the tactics of the 4X4 card game techniques.

After the withdrawal of Flappy Bird a few months ago, this has been claimed to be the most addictive and virally opted game by users all over the world. It was brought to the gaming world in March 2014 by a 19-year old Italian developer named Gabrielle Cirulli who boasts of creating this game within 48 hours. The game has been claimed as the clone of another viral Android game, Threes and has a higher difficulty ratio.

How to Beat the Difficulty

The basic concept of the game is very apt and comprehensible. The users can move the 4 X 4 numbered tiles around. Following are some of the ingenious techniques to win this 4X4 Sudoku.

Corner Method

The game constitutes a four-cornered grid pattern as it’s basic. The main strategy of the game is to pick one of these corners and concentrate on the same till the end of your game. Now, choose the tile with the highest number and keep that stable. This enables the users to move around other tiles by keeping the former one at the centre to expand each of its two other axes. Also, move it when there is no other option. This technique might not necessarily guarantee you a quick jump to reach 2048, but surely enhances your winning chances. The reason to these changes leading to the player’s defeat is that, the movement of your prime focused tile will lead to a different tile substituting its place. Winning chances are deduced in proportional to the movement of your central tile. Starting over is the best resort to rebutting this.

Other Advices

Avoid all chances of repeated swiping and the random nature of it, to prevent too many cluttering numbers which would surely end up filling up your screen. Instead, stick to one strategy to enhance one side. And, then gradually move over to the rest of the sides. Try your best to limit all your actions to a 3 X 3 corner to choose and place your highest numbers as closely packed. Your primary strategy should solve and sweep your stress off, from choosing and placing your highest chosen number and working your way up the ladder gradually from there. Only higher numbers will occupy the slots further in the game, so concentrate enough not to mix it all up to mess up your primary strategy.


The world of numbers and its arrangement can wear off the patience in one’s head pretty soon, but that is the centrifugal concept of this game, to train your brain and teach it to concentrate and be patient to fuel this strategy. Follow the above advices as it can provide you a relatively higher hassle-free situation to battle the two sets of 256 numbers to war against, all on your one screen!

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