Viber – How to Hide Your Status on Android?

Viber is a free calling app that was once touted as the only app that could kill Skype.

In fact, until date, Viber gives tough competition to every other free calling or messaging app available for download. The community of Viber users is constantly growing, and there is a lot that you can do with it. Use it for texting, sending stickers, images, videos, and making free calls. The best thing about Viber is that you do not have to be online all the time, the app keeps running in the background and you will keep getting your messages and calls even if you do not sign into your account every day.

How Viber Works

Viber has a very simple way of functioning. Once you have signed up for Viber and confirmed your phone number, you will be able to start using it immediately. Viber automatically accesses your phone book and gives you access to all your contacts who have Viber, and even those who do not. You can connect with your Viber friends through free calls and messages, but those of your friends who do not have Viber, can also be reached out to using the ‘Viber Out’ service. Your friends will be able to see you online, if you are connected to Viber.

How to Hide Your Status

While you are online status should not be much of a privacy issue, if you are a stickler for privacy, there are ways you can turn your online status off. All you really have to do is to open your app and click on the menu option. Once there, select ‘more options’. You will be taken to a fresh set of options including settings. Click on the settings tab and find the option for “Display My Online Status.” If the option is turned on, your online status will be visible to all your friends on your contact list. You can turn that option off to keep your status hidden. You can change this option once in 24 hours.


This trick only works on Android mobiles as of now. The latest version of Viber has brought forth this update for those who do not want to be seen online on their Viber account. While this trick can discourage people from sending you unsolicited messages, thinking you are offline, it would still allow them to send you messages, should they not get discouraged. Even if you have removed your online status, you still do remain online and can keep getting all the messages you.


While you do remain online on Viber, even after hiding your online status, your contacts will not be able to see whether you have seen a message. Right now, Viber allows people to know when the other user has seen their text messages, but with this option, this status is also hidden. So you would not be obligated to reply to every message even when you do not want to. This can be a great advantage to those who are screening their messages, or those who want some privacy.

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