2048 Free Download – Cheats, Tips and Tricks All Player Must Know

Following discontinuation of Flappy bird on Apple’s App Store, 2048 is now the latest craze number game.

It is a 4*4 puzzle that you can download for free from the app store, or play online. It is built on 2048 by Veewo Studio, and it is analogous in idea to Threes by Asher Vollmer. It is the new buzzword in the mobile gaming app.

Navigating Through the Game

Navigating through 2048 is easy. You only need to use the arrow keys to drag the tiles to the desired location. Each time you make a move, a new tile is placed on a random square. However, if you have lately started on this game and you are striving to ace through it, you will definitely not argue with me when I say it’s not an easy take. But don’t worry, this article will give you great 2048: cheats, tips and tricks. Just read on

How to Play

2048 requires you to put together numbers, and draw a 2048 tile inside the box, with as few moves as you can. Your task is to match tiles with similar numbers which then merge into one big tile, giving a bigger number, or twice the tiles that have been merged. You can also play with an aim to beat your friends score. You must create 2048 without filling the entire domain with tiles.

Strategize and Stay Cool 

2048 is all about strategies. Don’t waste moves in a rush to acquire 2048 scores or high scores. Instead, stay calm and plan. Think forward about your next moves, envision where your next tile will emerge from, and how you will fit them up with the lowest number of moves possible. Also keep in mind that you do not want to fill the playing field up.

Stick to one Corner:

Just like in most puzzle games, playing from one corner is one of the wining game plans for 2048. To hit tiles of large figures and high scores, push your tiles together in one corner. Ideally, at the onset of the game, pick one corner and cling to it. Then try and arrange all your tiles around this corner. Make all your small-figure-tiles settle naturally around the biggest one.

Create a Complete Line of Pairs

In 2048, the secret to creating large figure tiles with little effort is to have multiple pairs lined up together. This allows you to quickly build up big combinations.

Pay Attention to All Incoming Tiles 

Be keen on the number, as well as where the next tile is emerging from. In the onset, new tiles are normally two, but you will get large figure tiles as the game progresses.

Clear Your Playing Filed at the Optimum Time

Above all, to win in 2048 you must know when to commence clearing the playing field. No matter how attentive you are with all the incoming tiles, you will get to a point where you will start feeling blocked out. This is the best point at which you should begin clearing the playing field. Otherwise, you will get totally blocked out.

Wining 2048 is that simple. Just download one, and start enjoying the thrill.

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