Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Price, Specs and Features Review

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Surface Pro 3 is more like a traditional laptop. It is the company’s lightest and thinnest tablet and possibly the best to date.

How It Fares In Tablet Mode

The 12 inch display makes it the biggest tablet Microsoft has ever come up with in the two years that it has been making tablets. It is also the thinnest tablet at 0.36 inches thin. These two things are related. The company went with a bigger display which spreads out the components instead of stacking them on top of each other. This is what allowed them to accomplish the thin design.

The Surface Pro 3 aspect ratio is a bit different. It has a 3X2 screen and because of this new ratio, the user can reach icons with ease using their thumbs. When you hold it in portrait mode, it feels a little bit less top heavy, making it comfortable to use. Microsoft modeled the Surface Pro 3 design on a legal pad. They took the dimensions of something you are already accustomed to holding in your hand and used them on the device. This fact makes the tablet easier to use than previous Surface Pros.

The Display

While the new display is not bigger, it is sharper. It has a resolution of 2160X1440 making it the company’s sharpest display so far. As always, the viewing quality is great, the colors are nice and it has low glare. Even though you will still have some reflection from natural light and overhead light, it is still bright enough to use outdoors and in harshly lit environments.

In previous generations, Microsoft went with a Wacom active digitizer for pen input. Now it is using a different technology which changes the pen experience. The pen itself weighs more like a real pen. It feels less like a toy or an accessory and more like a real pen.

As for the writing experience, there is just enough friction on the screen that it feels like dragging a pen across paper. The pen is also pressure sensitive and has two buttons on the sides. So you can configure the pen so that it recognizes one or both buttons. On top of the pen is a third button you can use for erasing and unlocking the device.

The Hardware and Battery Life

The Surface Pro 3 has a 1.9GHz core i5 processor and 64GB of storage. The best thing is that you can add i7 and even 128GB, 256GB and even 512GB of storage. As for the battery life, Microsoft claims that it can last up to 9 hours.

The Kickstand and Keyboard

There is a notch for opening the kick stand. When you open it, you will find that it is not just a dual-stage kickstand. You can also bend it all the way back.

The keyboard does not come in the box like the pen. There is a magnetic strip along the top of the keyboard. When you fold the keyboard a bit, it attaches to the lower bezel creating a wedge profile. This is similar to what you would find on a proper laptop. The problem here is the keys of the keyboard. They are still somewhat flimsy. Even so, the touchpad has been refined. It is bigger than it used to be and now has a built-in touch button.

The Cost

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a price range of between £1449.89 & £749.99 in the UK and $1021.99 & $799.99 in the US.

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