WhatsApp – Here Comes the Voice Calling Feature

WhatsApp has been in the news since the beginning of this year.

It was the grander moment when Facebook, the social networking Giant, acquired WhatsApp for a whopping sum of 19 Billion Dollars. The world went crazy on this acquisition. People were found discussing the acquisition over tea and dinner. Many theories were devised and stated with confidence. People even went on to quote ‘now that Facebook has bought its biggest competition, it is going to shut it down’. It’s been like almost a quarter since the acquisition and WhatsApp is working fine for 330 million devices across the globe.

WhatsApp has witnessed a rise of 15 % in its traffic since the acquisition. Apart of every rumor, people are curious about what is going to happen next? Here comes the answer. If the rumors and announcement from sources are to be believed, Facebook and WhatsApp are all set to come up with the free voice calling feature in WhatsApp. WhatsApp has a huge fan base and enabling voice chat on this app will only help the enterprise in earning some good money.

Voice calling feature on WhatsApp is the talk of the town. People across the globe are excited and are waiting for the launch of the voice calling feature on WhatsApp. Some extremists from the tech world are citing this news as hoax and fraudulent but the recent changes in the interface of the app have suggested that it is coming.

Evidences Proving the Arrival of Calling Feature on WhatsApp

Some of the evidences and changes registered which depicts the upcoming voice calling option are listed here.

  • The leaked images of the upcoming User Interface shows that the app has been enabled with other language translations which will be displayed at the time a person receives a call via WhatsApp. The fanatics from the field suggest that translations are the last phase of development of any app and they think the voice calling feature on WhatsApp is soon going to be in the market.
  • While the voice calling feature is all set to be released on WhatsApp, there’s completely no update, if there is going to be a similar feature on Facebook or not.
  • Reports from various agencies have suggested that WhatsApp is investing a huge amount of its revenue in revamping its relationship with various service providers and in establishing a better connectivity over the internet.
  • While the App market is flooded with such chat service providers nobody stalls near WhatsApp when it comes to the number of users across the globe. In such a scenario, if WhatsApp releases it voice calling plug-in, it would become impossible for any other messaging app to beat WhatsApp.
  • The translation feature available in the latest versions of WhatsApp has made it concrete that the voice calling plug-in is no more a dream and sooner or later it is going to be here.

There has been completely no announcement from either Facebook or WhatsApp about the launch of voice calling feature. People are contemplating different things and they are very eager to avail the latest version of WhatsApp as fast as they can.

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