Subway Surfers vs Temple Run 2 – Best of The Best?

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If you don’t like to run in reality, then you can train your virtual muscles, and Subway Surfers or Temple Run 2 should maintain your character’s physical condition. These two games are about running and overcoming obstacles that will appear in your way. All this time you have to collect coins, to get more points.

Subway Surfers is a newcomer, but it’s already getting popularity among the players. Because it’s addictive and after playing it one day, you’ll want to play it over and over again.

Temple Run 2

If you’ve watched the Indiana Jones series, then you’re familiar with the atmosphere, and you’ll see many similar landscapes. Unlike the previous installment, the action in the new version of the game is more exciting and the character moves faster. Just swipe the screen left or right (turn), up or down (jump/slide). To get coins, tilt your tablet/phone. Shortly, your character will become faster and faster.

The obstacles you’ll bump into are: waterfalls, jets of fire, sharp turns or mine tracks, and some coins will give you special abilities, so you’ll be able to survive longer. A shield will protect you once it’s activated; another power-up will give you super speed etc.

You’ll want to collect gems, because they can resurrect you without any death penalties. But you’ll pay a double amount of gems whenever you are resurrected once again.

Subway Surfers

The game is very colorful, addressing to teenagers, younger generations in generally, but adults might like it too, because the rules of playing are quite similar to Temple Run 2. The problem is that it’s not optimized for all the devices.

The game starts with some kids who spray graffiti on the walls and are caught in action by a policeman and his dog. The kids run and try to avoid some trains they meet in their way, but they have to collect coins and other items such as the hoverboard, that will help your character jump and keep the distance from your chaser. You’ll jump very high with Super Sneakers and you’ll fly using a Jetpack. But with Coin Magnets, you’ll attract all the coins from that area, in your direction.

There are many power-ups available in the game. Once you complete a mission, you can increase your multiplier and whenever you reach x30, you receive a Super Mystery Box with items, coins or boosts.


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