5G Technology Got Tested by NTT DoCoMo – When Can We See It?

If 4G is currently on all operators from Europe and the United States, in Japan, the operator DoCoMo is already testing the 5G technology.

Support for testing the 5G technology is offered by industrial giants telecommunications, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Fujitsu, NEC, Nokia and Samsung, participating in these tests with both mobile devices capable of 5G and necessary infrastructure of such speeds. Samsung says they use 64 antennas to achieve 1Gbps speed, and even so, this speed is quite small compared to the technology specifications. The company did not mention what date the technology will be available on mobile devices and operators, but most likely we discuss its implementation by the end of this decade. So we have enough time to enjoy the 4G, and by 2020 it will be implemented in nearly 100% of the planet.

5G will bring data transmission to a maximum of 10 Gbps, about 10 times the transfer speed of physical network cards on laptops and motherboards today. The working frequency of this 5G technology will be more than 6 GHz band. Compared with the 4G it should be in theory, up to 1000 times faster, in addition to the fact that it will provide the possibility to connect simultaneously a number of devices on the same antenna. Internal tests have already begun in the research center DoCoMo in Japan and external ones will be started in early 2015.

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