Chrome Remote Desktop – Who Says Distances Matter?

Ever thought of accessing your friend’s laptop from your college using your own?

The Chrome Remote Desktop allows you do so. This remote desktop software uses a Chromoting protocol developed by Google that allows remotely accessing another computer through Google Chrome or Chromebook. The connections are fully secure and are available using ad-hoc remote accessing network. The Chrome Remote Desktop is completely cross platform. Chrome Remote Desktop supports two modes, one in which the user can control another person’s computer to diagnose and troubleshoot a program. The second mode or the remote desktop mode allows individuals to connect to their machines remotely.

When and How

The Chrome Remote Desktop was developed by Google Inc. on October 8th, 2011. In the month of April, 2014 Google Inc. unveiled its mobile application for Chrome Remote Desktop for android phones. As long as you are using Android version 4.0 (Ice-cream Sandwich) and above, you can use this application. But for iOS users, the ability to control their desktops is still a dream. However, it does run on Mac operating system. The application is available for android users in Play store and is about 2.1 MB. An iOS application for Chrome remote Desktop is planned at the end of this year. It is very simple to access and use.

Who Else is Competing?

In the present scenario, Chrome Remote Desktop is receiving tough and steady competition from other software such as TeamViewer and Splashtop. A number of problems have split open with this remote desktop application. Few prominent complains and problems have been that the desktop is in offline mode. The problem of firewall also leads to a number of network issues and problems and affects the performance as a whole. After the Android release of the Chrome Remote Desktop application, it brought the VNC to the masses. Without setting up of your VNC server, remote desktop software built into Google’s Chrome is more than enough for privacy advocates to raise an eyebrow, so think before you install.

It was earlier seen that users were a bit confused to use this application but found that it was easy to use and implement. The current version of Chrome Remote Desktop as released on the 6th of June, 2014 is 36.0.1985.39. This application runs on various platforms such as LINUX, Mac, Windows etc. The traffic is sent over the SSL network. Google vehemently claims that the users’ session is not recorded but it itself confesses that there are security concerns and issues which mark the controversies regarding this freeware software.


It was in news after its application released for the Android. However for iOS users, they will have to wait till the end of the year for their iOS version of Chrome Remote Desktop. It has been very well known that 95% of the remote access happens from a mobile device. However, there are not many additional features in Chrome Remote Desktop as compared to other similar software. But Chrome Remote Desktop has increased the efficiency of these features considerably.

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