Minecraft PS4 – What the New Trailer Reveals

Minecraft is a video game that has been around for quite some time and has different versions for the different PlayStation versions available.

Minecraft PS4 was developed for Mojang by 4J Studios. Its release was announced in the Sony 2013 exhibition, and just like the previous versions, you can now play Minecraft on PS4, via remote play, on PlayStation Vita.

In the Minecraft PS4 version trailer, you will see iconic characters such as Kratos, Ratchet and Clank playing together. This version also features 2 extra players named Wanders and Ellie from the Journey and Last of Us respectively.

What Minecraft PS4 Version Is Offering Players

In this Minecraft version, a player has to be able to make worlds that are about 36Xs bigger than the size offered by previous Minecraft versions. This makes it easy for you to continue building immense structures and even go deeper into the nether.

Moreover, Mojang now offers Minecraft players an easy scheme, which allows them to upgrade their current PS versions, to be able to play this new version. In other words, a player with a PS3 will only pay a small amount to upgrade to PS4. This offer, however, only applies to those who have purchased the Minecraft digital version. Also, players can now transfer their PSN accounts to this new console.

The Features that come with this new version

By utilizing DualShock features, players can explore the craft and menus using the touchpad. Also, this PS4 version has Mabobs and these allow players to share personal experiences with others online.  However, this is an optional feature and its availability makes it easy for those players who would rather not share their experience.

In this PS4 version, a player has the opportunity of earning trophies for each achievement. A Sony Specific DLC is also expected after this PS version’s release. What is more, this PS4 Minecraft version has a multiplayer function that makes it possible for more than five players to play a single game online. Therefore, there can be up to 8 players at a go and 4 people are allowed to use a single PS4. This multiplayer ability was made possible by the split-screen.

The Graphics Changes and Enhancements

This Minecraft PS4 version has used the same graphics. However, there have been some technical enhancements. There has been a substantial increment in draw distance and players now have the ability to create even larger worlds than before. This was not possible in the previous Minecraft versions.

Additional information on Minecraft PS4

The Minecraft PS4 version release is expected to take place in August of this year (2014). It will be inclusive of all the features present in Minecraft PS3. Minecraft PS3 players will have the ability to upgrade their PlayStations one year after this new version’s release.

Mojang is currently looking for possible ways through which it could make it possible to upgrade this game from the Blu-ray Minecraft disc.

One downside of upgrading to PS4 is the fact that players will not be able to transfer their progress, because it is not possible to shrink the worlds they had already created.


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