WhatsApp Vs Snapchat Free Download – Pros and Cons

While Facebook has successfully acquired WhatsApp, it failed to do the same with Snapchat. Both these apps are pretty distinct in the features they offer and the purpose they serve. Here, we will take a look at both of them to give you a proper understanding of what to expect from the two of them.

WhatsApp – The King of Social Mobile Apps

WhatsApp is currently rated as the top choice as far as social mobile apps are concerned. The kind of features it offers forced Facebook to consider buying it. While people were skeptical that Facebook is going to bring in a large number of changes, it did not do so and WhatsApp continues to function like before.

WhatsApp is one of those apps that allow you to chat with your friends regardless of their location. Not just chat, you can also send images, video and even share your own location as well. The flurry of features makes WhatsApp one of the preferred apps. There are various emoticons available to animate your conversations and bring them to life.

Apart from this, you also have the option of group chat as you can talk to multiple people together under a single chat window. WhatsApp is considered by many as the best instant way of staying connected with your international friends. The first year of service is free of cost, after which a nominal price will be charged.

What Does Snapchat Has To Offer?

Snapchat is more of a fun app rather than a conversational tool. It mainly allows you to record videos and send pictures to fellow Snapchat users. You have the option of controlling the time for which the image or video will remain accessible after it has been viewed. This limited time duration clause has made Snapchat one of the top rated photoapps.

The popularity that Snapchat enjoys is whopping too. However, if you are looking to make friends and talk to them, this isn’t going to be the app you can use. You can edit your pictures by adding captions to it and have a really great time when you are using Snapchat.

Now, that you have an idea of what use both these apps serve, you are aware of how different they are. While WhatsApp is a preferred option because it allows you to connect with people and converse with them, Snapchat is very different and does not give you the same set of features.

Snapchat can be your top choice when you are looking to have some fun and light-hearted entertainment. It is a great way of randomly sending pictures and videos to other people and enjoying the fun round that starts.

The fact that Facebook was once interested in acquiring it shows the kind of reach that Snapchat has. Facebook even tried to make something similar to Snapchat, but failed miserably in its attempt. After having acquired WhatsApp, Facebook changed its stance on Snapchat and doesn’t seems to be interested in acquiring it any further as they are contented with WhatsApp has to offer.

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