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WhatsApp is a very innovative initiative for communication, introduced in the market with the intent to provide a common platform to all the mobile users having any operating system.

Being open source software, with the capability of being OS independent, makes WhatsApp a preferable choice for the mobile users. This initiative has helped the people to remain connected with each other at all the times by simply using the internet facility available on their mobiles. This software can also be installed on the computer and accordingly the mobile number can be stored onto the computer which consequently initiates WhatsApp on the computer in accordance with the chosen mobile number.

What’s New?

An interesting feature newly started in the WhatsApp application is about hiding the last seen information of the user. Earlier, the contacts of the user could view the last seen information of the user and one can consequently learn about his message being read by the person to whom the message has been sent. Now with the introduction of this feature, the users can ignore the unwanted messages and can avoid replying to the same without letting the opposite user learn about the contact’s presence over WhatsApp.

There is also a disadvantage attached this feature. If you use this feature, you won’t be able to get the last seen information of any other contact. This is a tit for tat situation! Another interesting new feature involves its installation onto the computer. This installation is extremely helpful for the people who do not own a Smartphone. They can simply verify their mobile number using their ordinary feature phone. Due to this feature, the users are not even required to have an internet connection in their phone and they can simply receive and reply to their WhatsApp messages by using their pc or laptop.

WhatsApp has also introduced the service of sending and receiving voice notes that can be simply recorded by the usage of the phone speaker. Using this feature, users can have a voice chat, but in parts. This service is very easy to avail and one can simply do it by pressing a button on the WhatsApp screen and can record the voice message using the mic of the phone or the laptop. Thus with the invention of all such features, WhatsApp has become one of the top OTT players of telecom. With the huge amount of user data they are able to collect, they are trying to deliver the best of services to their users and keep them satisfied with this application.

Recent Acquisition

WhatsApp was recently taken over by Facebook for a huge sum. There have been multiple speculations over the fact that whether the company deserved such a big amount or not. An interesting story behind the chain of events is that the founder of WhatsApp was once rejected by Facebook when he was seeking employment in the company. Seems like the destiny had something completely different in its mind!

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