The Best Ways of Keeping Your Gmail Account Safe

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How often do you use your email? In today’s times of technology, we are all hooked to our emails.

We take it everywhere, be it our desktop, laptops, tablets or even smartphone for that matter. However, have you ever really wondered how secure it is? The world of internet has opened up a wide world of possibilities, but it has also made us vulnerable. There are greater dangers lurking ahead because cyber crime is spreading at an alarming rate.

There are different ways by which you can strengthen the security of your Gmail account and here, we will discuss some of the key points that you can use and also benefit from it.

The Two-Step Verification Method

With the two-step authentication process offered by Google, you can enforce much stricter security and this is definitely going to help you in improving your privacy. In this two-step process, you will have a code sent to your mobile number that is tied to your account. Unless you enter the code, you will not be allowed access to your mailbox. Every time you sign in on a new device, you will get a new code.

Spam Can Hamper

It is extremely important to ensure that you do not fiddle with the spam mails. The filtering policy that Google uses for listing emails as spam is pretty immaculate. If you are unsure about an email and it is marked as spam, it is best advised not to open it. Sometimes spam messages can infiltrate your system and it will compromise your security.

Recovery Email Holds the Key

No one wants to see their email accounts being compromised and it does not hurt to have some backup ready. In cases of accounts being compromised, having the recovery email address with you will help you in restoring your account and reinstating it in a much better manner. Every time you forget a password, it is your recovery email address that will help you out.

Always Surf Through Secure Connection

It is extremely important to make sure that you use HTTPS instead of HTTP. HTTP is not very safe and it is easier for hackers to break into your system and steal the details. When you are using HTTPS, you will be able to keep hackers at bay. Using an unsecured connection is one of the key reasons for an account being compromised.

These are some of the top points that you should bear in mind. Following these security steps will give you a greater degree of security, and you will be able to keep your confidential data secure and safe. There are hackers who are trying different ways to gain access into your system and unless you are willing to use the right steps to enforce the right kind of security, you might end up with problems.

With the different features offered by Gmail, it is much easier to keep your accounts safe and secure. When you enforce all these steps, you can be more confident that your account data will not be stolen.

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