Blackberry Q10 vs. Gionee Elife E6 – Comparison of Design, Display and Camera

Blackberry smartphones have always been considered as business phones.

The features and specs offered by the Blackberry smartphones made the phone more businesslike. However, with all the other companies making enhancements to their products, Blackberry has entered the competition a little late. The company may be late in the race, but the changes made to the OS have given the Blackberry smartphones, a reincarnation. The Blackberry is now much more than a business phone for the masses.

The Q10 smartphone from Blackberry, released in April 2013 runs on the similar lines of a reincarnated device. We are here to compare the differences between the Blackberry Q10 device and the Gionee Elife E6 handset. The E6 smartphone from Gionee was released with an aim to hit the smartphone market, with its latest, out of the box ideas.


The smartphone arena may be dominated by the likes of Samsung and Apple Incorporated; the minor companies are no less in manufacturing smartphones capable to give a tough competition to the big guns. The Gionee Elife E6 has a similar tale to tell. The extremely slim bezels of the E6 would give other high-end devices a run for their money. The smartphone comes at a thickness of 7.9mm. On the contrary, the Blackberry Q10 comes in a bulky body of 10.4mm. The bulk mainly comes due to the physical QWERTY keyboard offered in the Blackberry design. In comparison, the E6 smartphone is readily available with a touchscreen that offers touch sensitive controls.


The Blackberry Q10 device comes equipped with Super AMOLED display; whereas, the E6 smartphone comes with an IPS panel.

However, the Blackberry does not resort to fancy tricks such as incorporating a slide out feature in their smartphones. Most companies have adopted this feature. Therefore, Blackberry has to be content with its 3.1-inch screen, in comparison to the touchscreen display used by other companies. The Gionee E6 earns an advantage here with its 5 inch multi touchscreen. Due to its smaller screen size, the Blackberry Q10 can come up with 720p resolution only. The E6 smartphone offers a Full HD resolution due to its 5-inch display providing a better pixel density than the Blackberry smartphone.


The E6 smartphone offers the user with 5MP front facing camera for video calling and selfies. The smartphone overshadows a majority of its counterparts, in terms of front facing camera sensor. The Blackberry Q10 is no exception as well. With respect to the rear camera also, the Blackberry Q10 is beaten here with the E6, which comes with a 13MP camera. The Blackberry encompasses an 8MP main camera at the back. However, the features offered by both the cameras are somewhat similar to each other. Both the smartphones offer Full HD video recording feature.

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