Nikon D4s Vs Nikon D4 – Top Nikon Pro DSLR

When it comes to taking quality pictures, you definitely need to have the appropriate equipment. This will ensure that you are able to capture those amazing moments and sights. Nikon cameras offer you the perfect opportunity to take the best pictures. This has been made possible by the top-notch technology that has been used in manufacturing these cameras. Here you will get a full insight on Nikon D4 vs. D4s. This will help you know which camera you need to choose.

Nikon D4

This is a camera that is widely used by professional photographers. This is due to its special ability to take high quality pictures and videos. This camera has some very fascinating features that will enable you capture those unforgettable moments in a spectacular way.


Owing to the amazing features of this camera, you will have to cough a handsome amount of money. This camera is available at $6000. However, this is not too much compared to the exceptional performance it offers.

White balance

This camera does not offer you the opportunity to spot white balance when using live view. However, you can also set the white balance from 1-3. This will allow you to take better quality images. After all, it is all about the image quality.

Quality of images

With this camera, you are assured of a great processing engine. Nikon D4 has an Expeed 3 image processor. This ensures that images produced are clear. Additionally, the camera has an ISO sensitivity range of 100-12,800. This ensures that distant images are captured in the best way possible. However, this camera does not offer Raw size S.

Meter system

This camera offers an option for recognizing advanced scenes. In addition, the face priority option which allows for viewfinder shooting is always on.

Video quality

This camera does not allow you to simultaneously record to the memory card or any external device. You also cannot select the audio range. There is also no room to adjust audio during recording.

Nikon D4s

The features of the Nikon D4s overrun those of the preceding Nikon D4. This camera has added features which are bent at ensuring superior images. Additionally, these features make it more fun and easier to use.


The superior features of this camera are a clear indicator that you have to pay more. This camera is available at$6500. This is $500 more than the D4. This is surely a good amount for the quality of service this camera gives you.

White balance

With this camera you can spot white balance while using live view. Additionally, the white balance can be set from 1-6.

Quality of images

The Nikon D4s comes with a 4 Expeed processor. Additionally, it offers an ISO sensitivity of 100-25,600. The 12-bit uncompressed raw size S will ensure that the images taken are simply amazing.

Meter system

With this camera, you are assured of an added group area for the system that recognizes advanced scenes. More to that, the viewfinder shooting, which analyses face priority can be put on and off and also you can customize it.

Video quality

This camera enables you to choose a range for the audio frequency. Additionally, you can record to the memory card and an external recorder at the same time. Manual exposures can also be automatically controlled. Adjusting audio during recording is also possible with this camera.

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