Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport – Best Tips, Specs and Price Comparison

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Nowadays, choosing a phone is a hard task – seeing how the market is full of great handsets: cheaper, more expensive, high end, camera oriented, focused on display specs, etc. Today we thought we would compare two of Samsung Galaxy S5’s brothers to see what changes the South Korean company implemented in these two handsets and to figure out which one would be the best buy. We’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport.

Operating System

Both the Galaxy S5 Sport and the Galaxy S5 Active come bundled with the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. The sole difference is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport comes also with the TouchWiz user interface, which is a bonus.


The primary camera on both handsets is an 8 MP model with features like LED flash. We see the same basic features on both smartphone, but there still is a difference in video recording. If you’re shooting a video, on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport you will get a resolution of 1080p which is great, don’t get us wrong, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active has an amazing ultra HD 4k resolution which ensures gorgeous videos.

Battery Life

The Galaxy S5 Active comes with a better battery life: the battery housed by this device is estimated to last 29 hours of talking time (or 20 days of stand-by time). The Galaxy S5 Sport, on the other hand, lasts approximately 21 hours of talking time (or 16.2 days of stand-by time).

Storage Capacity

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active comes with a internal memory space of 32 GB, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport comes with only 16 GB of internal storage capacity.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport: $699.99

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active: $659.99


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