GTA 5 Online May Get A Zombie Mode DLC

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Don’t assume that Call of Duty Black Ops has the only zombie game in the gaming industry because it looks like everyone is gearing up to bring zombies to multiple titles.

It was confirmed that a new Counter Strike Zombie game is coming and now a YouTube user has revealed that GTA 5 is going to get an all new mode as part of its upcoming DLC. Some claim that the Online Heists downloadable content update will be postponed a bit so that this one could make its way out first.

Named as the Undead Campaign DLC, the file was discovered by a modder who found that a placeholder has been found in the game with the options that say ‘Dead’ and when selected, it tries to retrieve a file named SPZombies. A lot of discoveries have been made in the past related to this SPZ file but Rockstar North, as usual, never made any official announcement. When everyone is really busy looking forward to play online heists, adding a completely new model based on Zombies sounds surprising. But, the company has already done something similar with Red Dead Redemption and it won’t be shocking news if they decide to do it again.

New Single Player Mode

While Rockstar didn’t confirm that there is a Zombie single player DLC for GTA 5, they did announce earlier that a new single player campaign is going to make its way to the game as downloadable content. Based on all the news that we have gathered in recent times, it is going to be around the Undead. The industry is so crazy about zombies and we don’t know why. Gamers do enjoy the content because games including The Walking Dead, Dead Rising 3, The Last of Us and Resident Evil have performed exceptionally well in terms of sales.

There are so many movies and television series that are getting released based on the zombie theme. Throughout the year, the developers at Rockstar should be really busy because they are not only planning to release all these promised updates on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms, but are also attempting to bring the game to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on time. The official announcement confirming that Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to new generation consoles and PC was made during the E3 2014 event.

Complete Package

A lot of DLCs for GTA 5 have been released so far and by the time the game makes its way to the new generation consoles, it might have received the Zombie single player campaign as well as the much anticipated online heists. With all of them officially out, it may most probably be bundled together when the game launches on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. The concept of releasing all of them together when a game comes delayed, is being followed by almost every developer and we assume that Rockstar will do the same. No exclusive content has been revealed so far but it will be made official close to the release date. The company is yet to finalize a date, though the game is rumored to be released in the month of September or November.

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