Nikon Coolpix P530 – Specs, Features and Price

When it comes to cameras, you will find plenty of different models to pick from. Nikon is one of the leading options and it has various models and choices. If you are looking to buy one of the best cameras, you can explore the features of Nikon P530 because it is one of the top rated models at the moment.

The Best Picks

Nikon P530 is known to be one of those cameras that can offer you the rare and perfect blend of features and price. This 16 megapixel camera has been priced in an apt manner and there are too many takers for this model. Nikon enjoys one of the best reputations in the market because their cameras have done a splendid business.

The Core Technical Specifications

When it comes to the core specifications, here are the key points you should be acquainted with.

The lens of this model comes with 42.0 X zooming. The maximum aperture offered by this model is 3.0. The lens offers a focal length of 35 mm which will help you in clicking some of the best pictures that you could think of. Just behind the lens, you will find a CMOS image sensor. Owing to the presence of these features, this camera can shoot at a rate of seven frames per second for an entire second. This is an extremely robust feature. The shutter speed of the model ranges from 1/4000 to 15 seconds.

Not only this, even when it comes to viewing the pictures, you will not be disappointed with what this camera has to offer. The screen comes to life as the pictures will ooze the right level of clarity. The LCD panel comes with a 201,000 dot resolution and the LCD monitor has a higher resolution measuring 921,000 dots.

When you are looking to capture videos, you will find an impressive resolution again. The camera can shoot at a rate of 60 fields or even 30 frames per second. If you are looking to enjoy accelerated playback, you can alter the frame rate and capture videos in the right manner as per your needs and requirements.


This camera is priced at nearly $450. This model is often compared with P600 because of overlapping features. P600 is priced at nearly $500 and if you are looking to save very single penny that you possibly can, you can opt for Nikon P530.

The Final Verdict

Based upon the price that you are paying, this is definitely one of the smart choices that you have. This camera will not disappoint you because you are going to get some of the finest features which you could ask for. If you measure the specifications offered and the cost that will be incurred, you will find this camera by Nikon to be a good choice.

Nikon is known to design some of the finest cameras and the kind of reviews which most cameras enjoy is commendable.

The Nikon P530 is definitely a good choice as it will allow you to capture some of the most immaculate shots with ease. You can control different parameters and take shots from various angles. This model is hailed to be one of the right choices for those who are looking to find a good camera at the right price. Feel free to explore the different ways by which you can extract the most out of your camera. The kind of pleasure that you will experience when you manage to click the finest shots with your Nikon P530 is priceless. With some of the easiest photography lessons, capturing brilliant shots would be a cakewalk for you.

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