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Waze is a geographical navigation application for Smartphone, developed by Waze Mobile and is based on GPS service.

It provides the user turn-by-turn details of the route and a person can easily find his desired location using the mobile network tower. The application was developed by an Israeli company and was acquired by Google in 2013. It is a cross-platform app which can be easily installed on different OS like Blackberry, Android, Windows, iOS etc. There are many updates and comparisons of the app with Google Maps which we will discuss in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Available for Every OS Platform and in 3D Also

One of the most interesting features of this app is that it is compatible with every platform unlike the Google Maps. When you are using this app, you can use the bird’s eye view 2D maps and even the 3D map view can also be used. This feature can only be used in iPhones when you are using Google Maps. The app provides you detailed and accurate maps which helps you to reach your destination easily. Waze lets one find real time updates of the routes and the traffic and the app will suggest to you the best possible traffic free routes, through which you can reach your destination within time.

Connect with Community and Plan Outings Easily

Waze makes sure that you are never late to your outings! Waze enables you to connect through your Facebook profile. You can plan a trip by checking the details of your friend & his location. It also tells you where he is heading towards, to help you better plan your trip. Catastrophes do not come with a warning signal but if you are connected to Waze, you can get instantaneous reports of any landslides, floods and road blockages of that particular area. As it is a community based app, you can easily broadcast this information to your friends and family and warn them about the dangers.

Collaboration with the Florida Transportation Department

The Florida Department of Transportation has collaborated with Waze to dodge the traffic related issues in the city and help the inhabitants to find easy routes and sub-routes to their destination. Cameras, sensors and GPS devices are planted in the whole city and along the roads to quickly notify the citizens of any hindrance or forthcoming danger. The voice prompt is also much clearer on Waze as compared to Google Maps.

Not a Bad App to Keep and That Too for Free

While Google Maps is a worldwide app that has been critically acclaimed for navigational purposes, Waze has also not left any stone unturned to provide the best possible alternative to the public and there is no harm in keeping both the apps on your smartphones, especially when they are available for free. It totally depends on your priorities; if you are more interested in walking rather than the road transportation, then Waze might not be a good option because its whole emphasis is to provide the traffic data.

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