Flappy Bird Returns, Unreal Engine Clone Tappy Chicken Is Out

As if the already available two dozen clones were not enough, a new one has emerged from the most unexpected origins of all.

Flappy Bird is a crazily addictive and insanely difficult game which now has an odd competitor developed on one of the most sophisticated game engines in recent times. A single developer has made the game Tappy Chicken on iOS and Android using the upcoming Unreal Engine 4. The engine is primarily designed to make AAA titles such as the upcoming Unreal Tournament or the Batman series. The developers are trying to prove the gaming industry that their new engine is very easy to use and even a single person can program a new game within a week’s time. The title is now available for download in the iOS and Android platforms.


Most gamers consider that making such a simple title such as Tappy Chicken on the huge Unreal Engine 4 is overkill. The game engine has been used in some of the best titles such as Batman, Wolverine, and Amazing Spiderman among many others. One of the key features of the game is its ability to render high quality graphics on both DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 versions without hogging the system resources. It is preferred by most developers because of its ease of use and the quality of the content rendered which can be played on most systems around the globe.

The developers might have simply wanted to hog the limelight that is why they picked out such a simple title as Flappy Bird and replicated it into a clone. The new game is available for free in their respective platforms and does look good to a certain extent. One of its impressive features is that the title doesn’t look like a mobile game but rather the graphics, textures and other elements resemble a fully furnished next gen or PC title. The game developers have confirmed to release a new Unreal game which will be completely free without any micro transactions or purchases associated with it. Players are already eagerly waiting for its release.

Original Flappy Bird Returns

Instead of bringing the exact Flappy Bird back, the original developer of the game is planning something new. It was revealed in a new post made by the person on his official blog. He also released a new screenshot which sported a jumping man and this time he might just ditch the title with its Mario pipes in the background but rather a design that doesn’t violate any copyrights. The exact release date or the name of the new game is still kept under the wraps. Whether this new title will create a wave like the original game is yet to be known. A lot of buzz is going around Flappy Bird which got notoriously popular for its insane difficult and the way it kept players addicted to it for hours at a stretch. Let’s see if the developer could recreate the ‘magic’ again when the game lands in a couple of weeks!

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