Is the Free Adobe Flash Player 14 Beta Worth Downloading?

Code-named Lombard, the free Adobe Flash Player 14 Beta has been officially released a few days ago.

Updating the infamous software is important for your security as well as your overall web experience. However, if you are comfortable with the previous version, you might wonder if the beta is actually worth downloading. Don’t worry! We are here to help you out with this issue.

What does the free Adobe Flash Player 14 Beta offer?

The free Adobe Flash Player 14 Beta features quite a few important upgrades. If you are not a developer, knowing that the new version has a PPAPI Content Debugger, New Stage3D “Standart” Profile and Anistropic Filtering might not be of importance to you. However, the updates will make your flash web experience far more stable, secure and enjoyable. Moreover, it will give the developers additional features, which can result in new flash web applications for you to enjoy.

Where Can You Download It?

Usually every time there is an update, the software automatically prompts you to download the new version. However, as the free Adobe Flash Player 14 download is still in a beta testing stage, you have to download it manually. In order to do so you have to go to the official website of Adobe Labs and grab the free download. There you can find the full release notes as well, giving you an overview on what you can expect.

Should You Wait For a Full Release?

Even though the new version is more stable and has additional features, there might be some bugs. That being said, downloading the free Adobe Flash Player 14 beta might not be the best choice for you. As with other software in a beta version, there are still some unfixed issues that the developers are not aware about.

Helping the Community

If you decide to nonetheless download the beta, you might be in for a treat. Quite a few people actually go for downloading a beta version, so it is a guarantee that you will be one of the first people to experience the new features. Moreover, if you are consistent with your tickets to the support you will be helping the community as well. Even though the developers did their best to remove every bug, testing is important. By downloading the beta you will actually become a tester and thus be a valuable part of the development process.

The Adobe Flash Player 14 Beta version will be available until the full release of the software. If you are not a developer, you might consider whether you should download it or not. However, if you do, you should be proud of your choice as this makes you a valuable user and actually lets you help the community. If you are not sure, you might wait for the full release of the software, which having in mind previous versions should be just a few weeks away. The new Adobe Flash Player 14 will ensure a fast, secure and enjoyable web experience.

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