iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C – Specifications and Pricing Compared

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The smartphone industry has been dominated by the iPhone since its introduction in 2007.

The product has not just managed to keep away the challenge from Samsung and HTC. This has largely been achieved due to an era of introducing new features, which has proven to be both revolutionary and key towards the progress of the industry. This is once again the case with the latest generation iPhone, which is now available in two different models – for the first time. The flagship iPhone 5S will be sold alongside the cheaper iPhone 5C.


Apple has provided some crucial differentiating aspects between the two devices, but it is not one that will degrade the cheaper model. The iPhone 5S continues to be made with premium materials like glass and aluminum for most parts. It is one of the well-built phones in the market today and there is little squeak or rattle at any point of usage. This high quality aspect continues into the iPhone 5C as well, but in order to reduce the price, the device largely relies upon plastic materials.
Apple has extensively worked on making this plastic feel as premium as possible and this shows in the final product.


The introduction of a 4 inch display started with the iPhone 5 and it is retained in the current models. Prior to its launch, some regarded that this may be a disadvantage for the American company since rivals like Samsung and HTC come with mega sized displays. Apple, though, has proved them wrong because the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C continue to sell like hotcakes despite this small display. It is largely because of the retina display technology, which makes the pictures as sharp as ever.

Further, the 4 inch display also makes the phone good to hold for any finger size. In contrast, some of the Samsung models can be used only by people with large fingers.


A key differentiating aspect between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C lies in the processor. The former uses the latest version of the dual core 1.5 GHz processor whereas the iPhone 5C uses the older version. Apple claims that this makes a massive difference in performance, but it will be one that the iPhone 5C user will have to do without. Still, the phone is powerful enough to run the latest OS 7 without any hiccups. This has been a trademark of Apple phones over the years and it continues in the latest generation as well.


Apple has also removed the dual led Flash in the iPhone 5C’s camera, which is the same as the eight megapixel unit present in the iPhone 5S in every other hardware detail – apart from the sensor size. However, it lacks the ability to shoot slow motion videos. The iPhone 5S uses a slightly larger sensor for better low light pictures.


The latest generation of the iPhone 5S continues to dominate the market despite its $700 price for the base version while the iPhone 5C offers premium Apple features at just around $500.

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