Top 5 LG G3 Tips and Tricks

LG has unveiled its new phone G3 in May 2014 and one month later, it was released. The phone comes with nice specs, and some great software and hardware performance. The device has a screen of 5.5 inches that supports a resolution of 1440×2560(QHD). Because the G3 has so many awesome features, LG offered a series of videos with tips.

Here are 5 top tips for LG G3:

Guest Mode

Guest Mode will come in handy when a friend of yours wants to test out your phone and you don’t want to show him your home screen or saved passwords of your applications. Guest Mode will come with a separated user space/environment for guests on your LG G3.

Smart Keyboard

LG G3’s Smart Keyboard will learn and understand the user’s “habits” and will offer suggestions while he types. Aside that, Smart Keyboard will detect and adapt to the user’s typing routine.

Smart Notice

Likewise Google Now, Smart Notice will stay in the form of a widget on your homescreen. This widget will keep an evidence of your actions and habits. Once it gathers enough information about your daily routine, it will start recommending actions.

Knock Code

Knock Code is a security feature based on a pattern used to unlock your LG devices. When you will miss the patter,n it will show your home screen, however it will still be locked.


Likewise Samsung’s S-View Case, LG’s QuickCircle case comes with a circular window on your smartphone, and it will work even when the device is locked or closed. This feature will let you play music, receive calls, make calls or even read text messages.

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