7 Facts That You Are Really A Hipster

Are You Really a Hipster?

Today, we find many trendy hippies living everywhere, wearing combat boots with ripped stockings. Everyone seems to hate hipsters, as they are considered jerk faces who are insecure, and who wear those skinny jeans that they bought using their mom’s card.

Actually, true hipsters care about the environment rather than about getting rich or going shopping. In fact, they are wild, free, and a bit crazy. The hipster was formerly known as the douche-bag and has his own strange quirks and rules of life.

You might also be hipster and not know it. If you want to find out whether you have fallen victim to this emerging hipster trend, you can read the following signs and find out for sure.


You are the type who is a vegetarian and will never buy anything that has not been sourced ethically. You probably give a lot of importance to the farmers’ market and local food. You make regular visits to the farmers’ markets and are up to date on all the latest vegan trends. You probably have a lot of stickers related to animal rights as well.

It is quite okay to eat healthy and nutritious food. This does not make you a hipster. However, the typical hipster is a vegan who looks down his nose at others who are not vegetarians and keeps lecturing them on the virtues of being a vegan.

2-Clothes and Glasses

Does your wardrobe contain skinny jeans and ironic tee shirts or some fitted hoods or anything that has vintage value, making you a gay cowboy? These could be sure signs of a hipster. Just take a look at yourself and see whether you are wearing any of these things at present; for instance, are you wearing a pair of cowboy boots or an ironic tee shirt?


If yes, you are surely a hipster through and through. The hipster doesn’t really need to wear glasses, but wears them anyway. He picks out the bulkiest of frames that he can see and starts sporting them.

3-Liking Something Underground

You are very proud to like something that is not too popular but the minute it becomes popular, and too many people start becoming aware of it, you drop it.

This attitude goes for all aspects of life, like music, movies, television shows, books and so on. You like to feel unique and the substance you like doesn’t really matter, as you just want to be different. You also probably like to go to coffee shops that are independent or buy used books and used records and so on.

4-Vinyl Records

You are a lover of vinyl records and you look down contemptuously at those who don’t accept that vinyl is surely the best. You are obsessed with the purity of music on vinyl, but in truth, you never even listen to any of these albums, merely possessing them.

5-Facial Hair, Beard, Tattoos, and Piercings

If you are a hipster, you surely have several piercings and tattoos all over your body. Of course, there are also many non-hipsters who have tattoos or piercings.


But if you have tattoos and piercings and also facial hair, a beard or a handlebar mustache, you are most definitely a hipster. If you also admire the Suicide Girls, there is surely no escaping the fact that you are a hipster.

6-You Love Shows

You probably spend all your free time attending all the shows in your area. If you are a hipster, you wouldn’t miss a concert or some art exhibit, but it has to be a cheap show and others should see you.

You like them better still if they are underground performances that are free, probably held somewhere in a basement.

7-Your Language

If you are constantly in the habit of dropping names, you are mostly annoying and most probably a hipster. You also love the irony, which is the language you speak most of the time.

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