Google Hangouts – Can it Help Google Dethrone Skype and Claim the First Spot?

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When it comes to messaging, Skype is clearly the leader and the standout among the crowd.

On its own, the product was defined by it stability and ease of usage. Add the number of different features and you have an excellent messenger. With its acquisition by Microsoft, the software will benefit from the inputs of some of the most established minds in the software world.

On the other hand, Google has been coming up the ranks un-noticed. Like it does with its Android Operating System, the company has been developing, changing, and chopping its in-built messenger. What started as a plain “vanilla” messenger are now the extremely easy to use Hangouts. Hence, the question always arises. Would Hangout be able to do to Skype what Android has done to iOS, RIM, and Windows?

Calling a Landline or Mobile Number

In the US and Canadian markets, Google Hangouts is the clear winner. If an individual has both Google Voice and Hangouts, then they can make calls for no extra charge through their data transfer package. On the other hand, when it comes to Skype, two users who have Skype installed can call each other for free. However, in order to call a phone number, users need to purchase a subscription from Skype.

Calling International Numbers

This is one area where Skype clearly has the edge. Both Hangouts and Skype users are able to talk to each other free of cost. However, when it comes to making international calls, Skype has a plan, which allows users to make unlimited number of calls to international numbers. On the other hand, there is no such plan available with Hangouts and every call costs around 10 to 15 cents per minute. In contrast, users have to pay around $14 for the Skype Unlimited plan and no additional tariff.

Sending Text Messages to Any Number

The lack of this option in Hangouts is a huge negative mark. On the other hand, Skype allows its users to purchase credits and send messages to any number of their choice. The best part of this option is that it can send text messages to local as well as international numbers. This also means that instead of spending money on a call, communication can be through text messages.

Bottom Line

If we look at both these options, we will notice that there is very little to separate the two. Given that, Google has a history of making its service better as time passes, Hangouts could very well be the company’s trump card in the web space.

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