Nokia Lumia 520 vs Nokia Lumia 620 – Specifications and Pricing Compared

Nokia went big with the Windows operating system for smartphones.

It was a surprise decision to many, given that android and iOS have been the table toppers for a long time. They occupy a monopoly in this segment, which Nokia is attempting to crash with the Windows OS. There have been several Windows phones launched under the brand of Lumia. The Lumia 520 is one of basic amongst them, followed by the Lumia 620 – a slightly more expensive device.

Nokia has always got it right when it comes to design and this does not change in the latest range of Lumia, down at the bottom end of the smartphone segment. The Lumia 520 is the cheapest offering from the company, but it certainly does not show in the product. This is due to the use of high-quality plastics, which make the phone great to hold. The budget offering, Lumia 520, is the thinnest of the duo at just 9.9 mm. In comparison, the Nokia Lumia 620 comes in at 11 mm.


Even though it is extremely cheap, the Lumia 520 offers a 4 inch display coupled with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Further, it uses the IPS panel, which has been widely regarded as the best for smartphones. In contrast, the Lumia 620 comes with the TFT panel, which lacks in major inventions. Further, it also features a slightly smaller 3.8 inch display, although the resolution is the same at 480 x 800 pixels.


Along with the iOS from Apple, Windows is fast developing a reputation as an operating system that is capable of running smoothly even in devices that are inferior in terms of hardware specifications. This is especially true of the Lumia 520, which is as basic as it gets in a smartphone. However, the user experience is closer to that of the iPhone, with almost no lag even while multitasking. This is also another surprising aspect given that the phone has only 512 MB of RAM. This is also the case with the Lumia 620 as well.


The Windows Phone operating system provides a unique alternative to the android and the iOS devices and this is clear while using the phone. Unlike android, there is not a clutter of options to confuse the user. Instead, they can choose between live tiles and the list of programs. The growing app ecosystem of the Windows operating system will certainly help the user get several apps on board.


Most of the popular apps available on the Apple and Play store are now available on this platform as well.

The five megapixel rear camera is decent enough to take good photos. The presence of LED flash makes it easy to take photos in the night as well. This feature, though, is present in the Lumia 620 only.

Since it has just been replaced by the Lumia 525, the Lumia 520 is available for around $ 120. The Lumia 620 is slightly pricier, at around $ 150.

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