WhatsApp Free Download – New Updates on Your Smartphone and PC – Version 2.11.662

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WhatsApp keeps on launching new updates from time to time.

When WhatsApp version 2.11.662 was rolled out, there were plenty of new features that were added. If you haven’t updated your messenger yet, here you can get familiar with what it has to offer and make the update.

Before we familiarize you with the main features that have been added to the existing messenger, we will offer an extremely brief overview of the purpose this app truly serves.

WhatsApp – The Preferred Social Mobile Platform

WhatsApp is a messenger service that allows you to send messages to people all over the world. Not only messages, you can send audio and video files along with your location and even voice notes as well. The amount of emoticons that are available makes it much more exciting to carry out conversations.

You also have the option of talking to people in groups and thereby making memories together.

The New Update and the New Features

For any app to continue to remain as the top choice, a few updates are necessary from time to time. With the new 2.11.662 update, you can avail plenty of exciting features.

Voice Notes

This is definitely one of the best features that you can ask for. Now, you can directly record a voice note and send it to your friends. It is auto downloaded and the clarity is pretty impressive. Sending voice notes is extremely easy as you have the voice button right where you type your text. Merely clicking on the button will allow you to record your voice and send it over.

Support for Additional Software

Even if you use additional software like keyboard or say audio software, WhatsApp supports the third party additional software too. You can easily integrate it and thereby customize the kind of fun you will have when using this messenger app.

Easy Picture Clicks

Now, it is much easier to send pictures via WhatsApp. You have a camera button adjacent to the recording icon. Merely clicking on the icon will open your camera and you can take a shot and thereby directly send it to the recipient. This eliminates the fuss of selecting the files in your folder and then sending it to the intended recipient.

If you want to send an old file, you can choose media button and then hover to the right destination and select the file which you wish to send.

Group Conversations

You can chat with up to 50 people in a group and have multiple groups with selected people. It is one of the best ways of broadcasting a message to a group of people and haying a digital forum to hang out and make some of the best memories.

These are some of the key features that have been added in this version. We can expect new updates and even better features to be added to this messenger service. Ever since Facebook has acquired WhatsApp, people expect the change wave to be much stronger; however, so far it has been continuing the way it was before.

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