Adobe Flash Player 13 – Why is the Free Download Software Worth It?

There are tons of reasons, why you should choose the Adobe Flash Player 13 free download software.

Whether it would be the hundreds of games or its various features, the Flash Player is a must. However, if you are still reconsidering your choices, check out the list we’ve complied of the best sites to visit after you get your Adobe Flash Player 13 free download.

Pharrel William’s 24 Hours of Happy (

If you are feeling down, this is a website you should definitely visit. Repeating the infamous Pharrell William’s Happy song, it will definitely give you the mood boost you need. Moreover, this is the first full 24 hour official video to a song and features a host of celebrities, including Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Carrel and more. Who knows, you might just notice your favorite celebrity there as well.

Clouds over Cuba (

Clouds Over Cuba is an amazing interactive documentary that is available only if you have the Adobe Flash Player 13 free download software installed. Focused on the events surrounding the Cuban Missile Crisis, it lets you synchronize the date with your mobile and adds a whole new dimension to learning.

Disney’s New Fantasyland (

An amazing interactive story, the website is created to promote the new location of the Walt Disney Company theme park. Disney’s New Fantasyland is an amazing web experience that lets you revisit old tales from your childhood, while introducing you to the new features and rides you can see in the new theme park.

Red Bull’s Soap Box Racer (

There are a variety of games available to you on the web, if you have your Adobe Flash Player 13 free download software installed. However, one of the most hilarious gaming experiences currently available is the Red Bull’s Soap Box Racer. Letting you design your own soapbox car and then race, this website is definitely worth checking out.

Intel’s The Museum of Me (

One of the most interesting web experiences available to everyone who has Adobe Flash Player 13 free download software installed is the Intel’s The Museum of Me; especially if you are an avid Facebook user, you will be left satisfied. The website connects to your Facebook profile and creates a virtual gallery of your social experiences. The experience makes you feel truly special and important in the world.

There are thousands of web sites that truly offer a unique web experience. However, most of them are unavailable if you don’t have the right software installed. You should definitely go ahead and download the free Adobe Flash Player 13 software to ensure that new experiences are just a few clicks away. The aforementioned sites are just a few examples of what the flash player allows you to do on the internet. A simple Google Web Search will lead you to a thousand more web sites, which you can visit and enjoy, only if you have the flash player installed.

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