Gmail – The New Face with Drastically Improved Features

Last year, Gmail came up with the sensible option of dividing the mail homepage with 5 different classifications and prompt hashtags in the order of importance.

It has grown from the simple chains of web mail to be called a sleek, convenient and smooth e-mail, documenting, storage and other services to merge into the Google ecosystem for its users.

New Features

Google Inc is said to be testing innumerable sets of improvisations and technical evolutions related to the ten-year old desktop version of Gmail in order to blend the Desktop version and the Mobile version with ease. The changes included are proposed to be serious and involve a complete make-over for the older face of Gmail. This is followed by its month-long testing of the mobile application, the results of which are rumored to adorn the new face of Gmail.

It’s Look

Firstly, Designers and Developers have planned to provide a newer face to the older colorful Gmail with the addition of a plus sign ‘+’ in its bottom-right corner, to signify its much awaited merging of its own Plus category of services. This plus sign tab is said to provide and route its users to adding new reminders (which is an absolutely new option) and composing new messages to and from their accounts respectively.

Additional Tabs

The golden star system of marking the important messages by filling in the white-star-like icon will be replaced by pins for its action of ‘pinning’ down messages according to its importance and also to place it right on top of one’s inbox. A new tab will be added to the Gmail Inbox to arrange preferred e-mails, to change their destined pinning folder to place them on the head of the Gmail inbox or to tick their importance. Virgin Menu System that appears and vanishes in and out of the window will substitute the mundane sidebar providing link information.

All the tabs that appeared last year are set to disappear and make way for a new arrangement of ‘grouped in the inbox’ tab that will, in turn, arrange the e-mails into Purchases, Travel, finance, Updates, Social, Promos and Forums. It will, thus, add two more tabs to the original list and shortening and rephrasing the existing two. The new Gmail is expected to have a merged up the look of the Google Hangouts and the user will be made to click on the hangouts’ bubble to avail audio, video or text chat.

With all positive assurances, Gmail is expected to bring about the changes and updates to ease the look and complication of today’s Gmail. The screen size of the newer version is also expected to be immensely different. This, in turn, means that, Gmail will be sensible to adapt itself with higher resolution and updates with better graphics and notebook users.

It is also high time that Gmail highlights its yearly updates with punctuality and good-faith.

The critical think to keep in mind is that it is also leaked news rather than an official release regarding the same.

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