Android Will Dominate the World – Will Come to Watches, Phones, Tablets, TVs and Even Cars Near You!

A few years back, if someone was to say that Android would dominate the mobile market, they would have been thought to be insane.

Today, Android devices dominate the market by a mile. Android was first released in 2008 and has since grown to become the most used operating system on smart devices.

For a very long time now, Google has and will continue to dominate the mobile market with its Android operating system. While this statement may stir arguments from users of other operating system, it has been proven with research and statistics that Android operating system is way ahead of the Windows phone OS and iOS.

What Makes Android the Best Choice for Many?

There are several factors that probably make the Android operating system a favorite among many.

Free Operating System

To start with, Android is at the top of the most wanted operating system because it is available for free. This has forced competitors to change their financial structure to make their operating systems available to as many users as possible.


Android is the only operating system that has the ability to run on multiple devices. This is in contrast with its competitors like iOS which runs on Apple products only or the Windows OS, which runs on Microsoft products only. The Android operating system is available on different products from different brand names like Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Nexus among many others.  To put this into perspective, anyone who users Android operating system can choose to work on a Nexus 10 tablet or a Samsung smartphone and still get work done.


Another key contributor to the dominance of the Android operating system is the affordability of the products. Most devices that run the Android operating system make it easy for users to get the best technology at a pocket friendly price.

Surprising Gadgets That Use the Android Operating System

Today, Samsung and LG handsets come with Android wristwatches that act as hands free gadgets. These wristwatches use the Android for seamless interaction with the smartphones. However, these are not the only unusual gadgets that run on the Android OS. Below are some of the latest Android OS powered gadgets for everyday use.

Android Fridges

These are a new generation of four door refrigerators that are equipped with Evernote that acts as a native application within the Android operating system. This refrigerator comes with a 10 inch touchscreen that can play videos and run photo apps, recipes and calendar schedules.

Android TVs  

You can transform your television into an Android device with the Archos TV connect device. This device turns your TV into an Android device with all Android capabilities. This TV connect is 100% certified by Google and thus allows users to download any Google application within a complete Android experience just like it is with other Android devices.

Android Cars

You can turn your car into an android powered entertainment platform with a retrofit Android device, The Parrot Asteroid. This gadget makes it easy for a drive to make hand free voice calls and also access web access FM radio. This device offers a wide range of apps and maps. However, a USB wireless 3G dongle is required to be able to go online.

Without a doubt, the Android operating system is set to dominate the world and do it for many years to come.

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