Top 2014 Tips and Tricks for 2048

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2048 has become one of the most addictive number games on Android. To get high scores you will have to know some math so you can react faster.

The idea of this game is to sum identical numbers together until you reach 2048. It might be simple, but it gets harder and harder as you advance in thegame. You have a 4×4 board and whenever you swipe to move the block around and sum numbers together, you get another number next to the empty block.


Try to avoid randomly swiping and summing numbers and try to mix together as many numbers as you can together. Don’t do many movements, and try to limit your movements in three directions and pick a corner where you will place your highest number and make sure you place your highest numbers close together, because having two 256 numbers in opposite sides is going to be a pain to mix them together.

Make a strategy

You should always try to make a strategy to get to the desired number 2048 in order to win the game. The strategy is to place your highest number in the lower corner and work your way from there. Your numbers will start to be higher and higher from around the corner block, making it easier to mix them together. Always take care of your highest number, and don’t move it to the opposite side of the board because a new number will occupy its spot and this will make you lose the game.


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