Free Voice Call Apps – An Alternative to Mobile Operators

Smartphones have totally changed the way we use a phone.

We not only use it for making calls, but also for messages, checking out our email and social networking. We also use it for working on documents, watching videos, listening to music, and playing games and a lot more. Here are some free, voice-calling apps for your smartphone.


Skype is one of the first free voice-calling apps in the world and one with the largest user base. It is available for the iOS and the Android platform and on the Windows PC, the Mac, and the Linus. You can also use it on the Windows Phone and the Blackberry devices. The service offers free voice and video calling all over to world to other users of Skype. You can also send messages, share files. With a small fee, you can call landlines and mobile phones as well. The interface is simple and user friendly and you can easily install it on your smartphone or your PC.


Viber initially started out as a voice and video-calling app for smartphones. Today, it is also available for downloading on PCs, both Windows and the Mac. You can also use it on smartphones running on the Android and the iOS platform, or the Blackberry and Windows Phone devices. You can use Viber for making audio and video calls. You can also use it for sharing files and contacts. You can send messages and emoticons as well as locations and so on. Group chatting is also enabled for a maximum of 40 members. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, it easily synchronizes with the contact list on your smartphone. You can make free calls to anyone in the list having the app on their phone.


Tango is a free audio and video application for making calls through smartphones as well as through computers. You can download the application on phones running on the iOS, the Android and for Windows Phones as well as for the Windows OS on your PC. All the usual features of sending messages, sharing files, sending emoticons and animations are present in the voice calling application. Another interesting feature provided by Tango is that it allows users to play Mini Games. You can play the games even while you are making a call and challenge the user at the other end as well.

Kakao Talk

This free voice and video-calling app is available for Android, the iOS as well as Blackberry, Windows Phone as well as Bada. You can make voice and video calls. Users can also enjoy all other features, such as sharing files, multimedia content, send messages and so on. The application also has, in addition, some games built into it. In addition, there are some voice filter features, such as Talking Ben and Talking Tom. The application also enables you to follow your favorite brand or a celebrity, such as Girl’ Generation or even Psy, using the Plus Friend feature. You can also receive updates from your favorite celebrity. If you wish to view the celebrities available for adding, you need to select the Find Tab and click on View All. Choose the option and you will soon start receiving updates from your favorite brand or Celebrity. The app is also very useful for setting up reminders and for scheduling any appointments.


Google Talk has now been revamped to become Google Hangouts. You can use the app for communicating on your mobile phone or the PC, Google account and Google +. You can make video calls as well as sent text messages. It enables the user to talk to a maximum of ten people in a single call, where you can invite nine people to join the hangout simultaneously. When you share images through Hangout, they are saved in the Google + album and you can easily access them later.

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